Transition through Target

The holidays are over, and with it goes the glitz and glam, bright reds, and heavy plaids. Ready for a refresh for the new year, I headed to target with three goals: an ivory sweater, a new (non-grey) pant, and a trend item. This is everything I tried on:

I walked away with items that achieved all three of my goals:

  1. Tie-Dye T-Shirt (image 2) – $8.00 unavailable online

I’ve been looking for a way to jump on this trend without pulling out my old camp counselor t-shirts. This tee was so comfortable and long enough to do my favorite style – the front tuck. The blue and white neutralizes it and I look forward to not only pairing this with solid bottoms, but mix and matching with patterns, too!

2. Over-sized Ivory Sweater (image 1 and 7) – $24.99

I have a few grey lounge pants and no basic ivory to style them with. Throughout the past year I’ve been trying to stock up on neutrals and basics (very hard for a girl who loves playing with color, pattern and texture!). Today I was determined to find this new, long-lasting addition to my wardrobe. Sized up for even extra comfort, though the sweatshirt interior is comfort enough.

3. Rose High Rise Baggy Cargo Pant (image 7 and 8) – $28.00

The BEST for last! These pants are amazing! They have a sturdy, elastic waist band that stays snug around the waist. The high waist elongates the leg even in a baggy pant. Though baggy, they are structured down the leg. The cargo material dresses these up from a regular lounge jogger, so I will definitely be styling these for work! Though they can be styles down with an over sized sweater. By far my favorite thing I tried on!

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