4 Ways to Style Tie-Dye

I’m not the person to rush to jump on the band-wagon: mules, “You”, Ulta and snakeskin all took me time to warm up to. When it comes to fashion, I try to be aware of what is going to be a fad, a trend, or a classic style.

For example, I remember getting my first job in retail as a junior in college and the store was full of leopard. Look at anyone’s fashion instragram today, including my own (@klosetbykrista) and you’ll see plenty of leopard print. Classic! Sneaker brands coming back in style? My vote is trend. I have a handful of items in neutral colors and I’ll be happy to ride it out for a few years. Velvet everything? In and out. I have 3 pieces in my closet that I pull out about once a year.

Tie Dye…what’s your vote? Is this it’s year of glory? Will it stick around for a few years? Regardless, I wanted to try it. I found the perfect tie-dye t-shirt because it checks off most of my boxes when investing in a trend item: comfortable, subtle, and affordable ($8.00!).

But my number one rule: Can be styled multiple ways.

Here are four styling tips for tie-dye:

  1. Make it a Pop – Buy a longer tank or t-shirt and layer your tie-dye under a sweater so that it just pops out at the bottom. This adds an update to your wardrobe without being too psychedelic. Another way to do this is to find tie dye accessories, like a hat or scarf, instead of a full piece of clothing.

2. Mix and Match Patterns – A much bolder option than #1: add visual interest by pairing tie-dye with another pattern. If you choose to go in this direction, I recommend making sure the second pattern is smaller, i.e small polka dots, pinstripe, or a smaller ikat. I also recommend using a pattern in a neutral color pallet- again…we don’t want to be TOO psychedelic.

3. Dress it Up – where my corporate ladies at?! It’s amazing how my wardrobe has changed since I’ve started spending 80% of my time in an office building. If I can’t wear it to work, I usually don’t buy it at all. So how do we make tie-dye work appropriate? NEUTRALS. It is amazing what a blazer and nude pair of pumps will do to a simple t-shirt. I finished this outfit with a pair of satin tapered pants for extra flare.

4. Dress it Down – what tie-dye tee doesn’t love a good pair of sweats and a baseball cap to hide the hair you haven’t washed in two days? After all, we are trying to look like a camp counselor when we wear it…right?

Hope this gives you some ideas to try that colorful shirt you’ve been eyeing for the past few months!

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