Over Sized Sweater Styled 4 Ways

In this era of athleisure and comfort, oversized sweaters are becoming all the rage. Who doesn’t want to wear something that hides the leftover pie and alcohol we’re shedding from the holidays? Not to mention they look cute when styled with leggings: hello favorite outfit.

But just because oversized sweaters may be categorized as loungewear doesn’t mean we have to stick to wearing them when kicked back on the couch. I found this sweater at Target a few weeks ago and sized up for even EXTRA comfort.  Not only do I plan on wearing it when lounging around the house, running errands, and sleeping, I also plan on wearing it for date nights and to work.

See below for four ways to style a very cozy, very oversized sweater:

  1. For Lounging: Let’s start with the obvious. The most comfortable way to style a sweater like this is with equally cozy pants – joggers. The elastic waistband will hold the sweater snug when tucked in. You will also feel like you’re living in a blanket all day long. Lucky you if you actually get to spend the day snuggling under a blanket.

2. For Errands: And channeling your inner Sporty Spice. Instead of a simple pair of black leggings, chose a pair of leggings that has a little pizazz to them. The pair of leggings above mimics a tuxedo stripe that more often runs down the leg of a trouser. This and a trendy sneaker like the bold Adidas above will turn your basic outfit up a notch!

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3. For Date Night: If your sweater is a solid color, add pattern to other aspects of the outfit when stepping out for a special night. Note that pattern doesn’t mean loud. The pin stripe on this Ponte legging is a classic style that you can wear on a date night this week, next year, and in five years. I paired it with a textured scarf to add some dimension to the outfit. Lastly, with a subtle pattern, you can add a statement piece like this turq necklace.

4. For Work: My office dress code is casual- I wear leggings a few days a week. But larger business meetings do call for more dressy looks like this one. If your office is more business casual, tuck your sweater into a skirt and wiggle into some tights. Sometimes fashion is a compromise: constricting tights to dress up your most comfortable sweater.

Do you have a different way to style your favorite over sized sweater? Comment below with your style tips!

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