Meye Kind of Eyes

When it comes to anti-aging, my mom always says, “It’s never too early to start.” And we all know that mothers know best.

For someone who’s not 30 yet, I’m sure determined to look 30 for the unforeseeable future. While there are many products I’ve tried, and a few I’ve used loyally, I’m most passionate about eye cream. I’ve done a lot laughing in my lifetime and I’m sure the proof is on its way.

My current favorite brand of skincare is Origins, and my trifecta of eye cream come from this brand:

  1. No Puffery Cooling Eye Gel – This is the first product I use on my eyes the mornings when I wake up a little less rested than usual. I use it more often when the seasons change – almost every day at the beginning of spring when I start sleeping with the windows open.

I know many girls use an eye balm stick for the same puffy symptoms, and I’m open to trying those, but I like the origins cooling gel because it dispenses out of a metal roller ball that is cool against my eye and allows me to rub in the product without getting it on my fingers.

  • A Perfect World Age-Defense Eye Cream – This is my morning eye cream that I use every morning! It has SPF (although I don’t reapply throughout the day), and it has tea extract. I associate tea with caffeine so, obviously, believe that my eyes are more energetic to fight off aging lines every morning. I use it in the mornings because it is light weight and good to put under makeup.
  • Plantscriptions Anti-Aging Eye Cream – This is my nightly eye cream. Plantscriptions is Origins main anti-aging line, so this is a little more heavy duty than the Perfect World I use in the morning. I love this product, but am on the lookout for a heavier, true night cream. Any recommendations?

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