Fun Pants, Fun Tips

These pants are the final item that came home with me from this month’s Target haul. And. I. Love.Them. They are everything I want in a pant: elastic waistband, pockets, loose fit, and can be worn with all types of shoes.

But how do we style a baggy pant like this, or a jogger, without looking like we rolled out of bed?

A few ideas are below! But before trying to style a baggy pant, make sure it’s the right pant. I believe that a jogger, wide legged, or any baggy pant should be high-waisted, the correct length, and a true fit (my own opinion!).

Two tips:

  1. With a fitted top

Both of these tops are body suits, but we can tuck any fitted top into a baggy, high-waisted pant to emphasize our natural, feminine curves. This shows that we’re not wearing a baggy pant to hide from the world. Not us! We’re wearing them as a fashion choice.

2. Dressed up for Work

If we are layering a jogger with a cardigan, blazer, or jacket, we want to tuck in the blouse to define the waist (left image).

This not only defines the waist, but the high waist silhouette elongates our legs.

We can also pair joggers with a loose blouse or chunky sweater (right image). This doesn’t mean frump! The goal is to elongate the legs. I did this by styling the look with a skinny heel.

A skinny heel is more delicate than a chunky heel. Since there is so much material within the outfit itself, a chunky heel or boot would make the ensemble look heavy. Heavy = frumpy.

A skinny heel emphasizes the length of the leg, almost as if we are hovering over the ground rather than standing on it. I prefer a pointed toe, but use what makes you feel comfortable!

You can shop some of these items by following me (klosetbykrista) in the LIKEtoKNOWit app!

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