February’s Shopping: Abercrombie

If I had it my way, I would go shopping every weekend and buy a new wardrobe every season. However, as I’m a girl on a budget, I try to only shop for clothes once a month (I wasn’t exactly successful in January). I went shopping at Abercrombie yesterday, and found so many cute pieces!

Jeans: Jeans are 50% off this weekend! I found 2 awesome pairs: the high-waisted, paperbag jean and the mom jean. The paperbag pair made me feel curvaceous and confident. The mom jeans were also high-waisted, but a straight fit vs. skinny. I’m still getting used to the mom jean, but I had a poll on my instagram and almost 50% of you voted to go with the mom jeans! I loved the color blocking- a little bit of extra detail, but I could wear them with everything!

I went home with the paperbag waist jeans and spent $44.00

Body suits: I didn’t realize how many Abercrombie tops were actually body suits – tanks, tees, blouses, lace cami’s. I tried on a few, including the above. I didn’t love them. While all of the shirts fit correctly at first, they stretched too low and were uncomfortably tight on my pelvis when I buckled them on. I ended up unbuttoning them to be comfortable when taking pictures. I love the idea of body-suits keeping our shirts perfectly tucked in, but none of these worked for me.

Sweaters: WIN! All four of these were great finds, and I had a hard time choosing between them. There was a great mix of neutrals (the muted green, the white) and trend (tie dye, leopard). The materials felt thick and durable, the fit was great (sized up to S). I had so many outfit ideas for each sweater while in the fitting room! The green mock neck sweater is 50% off this weekend!

I went home with the white bell sleeve sweater and the leopard color-blocked sweatshirt.

I’ve had luck with Abercrombie pants for the past year, and I’m excited to say I now have luck with both jeans/pants and sweaters!

**TO SHOP THESE LOOKS: DM me on instragram, or send me an e-mail and I can provide you the links! Happy Shopping!

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