I Truss My Hairdresser

Fun fact: I’ve been growing out my hair for my wedding day since the day I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. It didn’t matter that I was single with no hubby prospects, in fact, that was better. I want long, luscious hair for my special day. Repeat: Long.

So when my hairdresser didn’t catch on that a trim means a trim, she became my hairdresser from the short hair days. After almost a year, I found a new girl who changed my long hair game.

Since meeting her six months ago, I have gotten three trims (and I mean trims), one balayage, a scalp treatment and a power boost deep condition.

She taught me that not washing your hair for a week, like many of our favorite bloggers, isn’t necessarily good. When your hair gets dirty…you’re supposed to clean it. I was going 4 days between washes and rocking my dry shampoo. But she recommended going 2-3 days between washing my thin, pin-straight hair. I no longer need or use dry shampoo!

She also introduced me to Truss Professional, a Brazilian hair care brand that is relatively new in the US. I’ve never seen the brand in other salons, but I’ve loved the products she has sold me.

So far I use my Truss products for out-of-shower purposes: heat protection and controlling split ends. Here is my routine:

  1. Wash Hair – I’ll share my in-shower routine at a later date πŸ™‚

2. 1 Pump of Heat Protector Cream – Since I have such thin hair, I was hesitant to use a cream product as heat protector. I love this product and follow my stylists tip:

I rub one pump between my hands and run my fingers through the bottom half of my hair. Next, I brush my hair out, and use this as a means to spread the product to my roots – this way the direct application stays on the ends.

3. Blow dry hair as usual. I rough dry it until it is mostly dry, then use the round brush to finish it off.

4. 1-2 pumps of Instant Repair – I rub this between my palms and run my hands through the bottom of my hair. This is a “cuticle” sealer, but is my replacement for a hair oil. I think it is a great alternative for my ultra thin hair. I use it after blow-drying, do de-frizz my hair, to give it extra shine, etc. I love it!

Since taking my hair health seriously, I have loved having longer hair. So often girls with long hair only get haircuts once a year, but I never wanted long hair with split ends. I believe in getting a TRIM every 10-14 weeks, taking care of my scalp, nourishing my hair through deep conditioning, and though the photos may not do it justice, I get complimented on the health of my hair frequently enough to know it’s working. It sounds like a lot of work, but I promise you, I only get it wet every 3 days.

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