Paperbag Jeans Styled 4 Ways

I posted these pants on Instagram earlier this week, and my followers loved them – maybe even as much as I love them!

I bought these jeans at Abercrombie last week. They were the first thing I tried on, and the first thing I decided to take home with me. There are so many great qualities about them:

  1. The ultra high waist truly hits you at your narrowest part of your torso. Flattering!
  2. The length – I’m 5’4 and fluctuate between petite and regular length. Life is always easier when I fit into regular pants like these.
  3. They are soft and stretch! They felt a little tight at first, but only for a few minutes.
  4. My first pair of light wash denim! I’ve been dabbling in the trend, trying them on but never bringing them home. Until now!
  5. Paperbag waist/tie – feminine and flirty and emphasizes the narrowness of the waist.

I had so much fun styling them four different ways, hope one of these styles resonate with you!

  1. Like a Boss – Light wash jeans are naturally less dressy than dark wash, so I think a cropped blazer is the best way to dress these up while still wearing them proud. My go to shoe for a work look will always be a nude pump. I added a twist of Spring to this look orange tassel earrings. Target’s Sugarfix is good inspiration!

2. Retro – Light wash jeans throw it back to middle school. Though I wouldn’t have worn this back then, I love the retro vibe. I chose vertical stripes for a slimming effect when tucked into the high waist. Lastly, the yellow sneakers tie the whole look together.

3. Modestly – I’m not going to lie, part of what makes ultra high-waist pants so flattering is the way they accentuate the curves in your lower half. If that is a little out of your comfort zone, you can reel it back with a modest sweater. I chose this turtleneck in baby pink to transform the style from trendy to classic. If this is your vibe, consider trading out slides for loafers!

4. Athleisure: How do you dress the jeans down, increase the comfort, and still be in style?? I used a crew neck sweatshirt and neutral tennis shoes. I front tucked the sweatshirt to show off the belt and the high rise. I actually wore this outfit today to run errands and go grocery shopping! It’s a great look for the weekend.

I hope these styling tips make you love these pants as much as I do! Next time you’re looking for a pair of jeans, try to find a pair with that little extra detail so that they’re not just another pair in your closet.

If you’re interested in buying this pair, please e-mail me for the link or DM me on instragram!

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