Leopard Blocked – styled 4 ways

Leopard is one of my favorite colors, so this sweatshirt spoke to me from across the store. I don’t go into Abercrombie often and so I swiped it up at full price. It was $49, but when thinking about my cost per wear, I knew it would be worth it.

I’ve had it 2 weeks an already have worn it 3 times!!

In my wardrobe, leopard is a neutral. However, I know that it is a much bolder choice for some people. For those of you out there, I hope these styling ideas give you some inspiration to show your true spots in your style!

  1. Layered with a Dress

Layered with a dress: I started layering sweaters/sweatshirts earlier this winter and fell in love with the style for three main reasons.

  1. My short sleeve/sleeveless dresses can live longer.
  2. The sweaters hang loose over all of the holiday indulgence I store in my belly throughout the winter.
  3. This is a hack to wear sweaters without constricting jeans 🙂

2. With Blue Jeans

If leopard is a bold statement for you, there is no better way to tone it down with a classic pair of blue jeans and simple booty.

3. With Some Edge

Leopard satisfies many of my of moods – especially my edgy mood. I embrace that here with distressed black jeans and embellishments in my accessories.

4. Cozy at Home

If leopard feels like a statement, start off by wearing it at home while lounging around. You’ll feel comfortable if the clothes you are wearing are…well…extra comfortable.

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