Magazine Monday – Bold Red

I bought this red skirt years ago for the summer. It was very nautical to me. Last year I kept it in my closet through the winter and paired it with black tights, black turtlenecks, knee high boots, etc.

I kept it in my closet through the winter again this year…but I haven’t worn it yet. And now we are officially back into Spring fashion.

I’ve been thinking about donating it to the Little Sister is Becoming A Lawyer and Needs Workwear fund, but came across a spread in February’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar that sprung new life to my skirt.

I normally styled this red with neutrals, black, white, Chambray, linen, etc. But the following collages showed red paired with much bolder colors: Magenta and Yellow.

Red with Magenta

I’m not normally one to style Navy with Black, and I feel like styling pink with red is a similar taboo. Not to mention I’d feel like a life size valentine. But this collage caught my eye.

At first I was transfixed by the blazer reminded me of one I saw from one of my favorite bloggers that I regret not buying. But then: I thought of my skirt. There is nothing like breathing new life into an old piece of clothing like trying something completely new with it.

Red with Yellow

This combination is totally up my alley.

I love wearing yellow and believe everyone should. Just yesterday morning my waitress complimented my yellow scarf and daydreamed about the day she could pull off yellow. I told her she could! She argued the typical, “it would wash me out,” but I just told her it’s a matter of finding the right shade. Thinking about her now, a mustard/buttercup yellow would be beautiful on her.

This collage also had my favorite thing in it. Can you guess? Yes, leopard. And just like that, the vision came to me!

What do you think about pulling off Red this spring? Are you intrigued by bold color combinations? Do I just look like the inside of a Crayola box? Comment below!

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