I fell in love with Fashion while working at LOFT. I worked there for 3 years and had an amazing experience. A huge part of that had to do with the fabulous management team I was a part of. The other part had to do with touching, merchandising, and styling clothes all day.

Though I eventually quit once I was settled in my corporate life, I remain a true Loft girl. I’ve been loving their Spring collection, so took a trip there yesterday. This is everything I tried on:

Florals! Florals were everywhere. Large florals, small florals, florals on light grounds, florals on dark grounds, classic florals, whimsical florals, florals on dresses, florals on pants, florals on shirts…florals for everyone!

I will say, sizing was a challenge. Their sizing has always been funny, but this time around was more than normal. There is a chance my body has changed,but I’ve been shopping them for 5+ years and, though their sizing has always been big, it’s been consistent.

For example, I’m 5’4 and had to go petite in all dresses and cropped pants. The skinny jeans are regular, but I also sized down one from my usual size which ended up being too tight.

Tip for going petite: size up one!

What I went home with:

As well as some yellow hoop earings!

Making decisions was so hard. I was glad sizing was so off because many of my decisions were decided by what the store had in stock!

To shop any of these looks, follow @klosetbykrista on the LIKEtoKNOWit app, or shoot me an e-mail or message on instagram and I can send you the link. Happy shopping!

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