White Jeans Styled 4 Ways

It’s officially white jean season – my favorite season! I replaced my white jeans this year and am so excited to have a crisp pair to rock all season.

In my book, white jeans are as versatile as blue jeans. For those of you who aren’t so sure, there are 4 ways to style white jeans all spring and summer long:

  1. Monochromatic

Despite being a neutral, white makes quite the statement when paired against itself. In fact, I think a woman wearing all white has an aura of mystery around her as if her were wearing all black. After all, who would dare to wear all white?

Okay, I wouldn’t wear all white to an Italian restaurant, but I would wear this combo to the office, to a get together with friends, or on a date night to a restaurant on the beach with the boif. Swap out the sweater for a button up or even a simple white tank in the summer.

2. With Chambray

White jeans and chambray is an All-American girl look. This is timeless, classy and can be pulled off by teenagers, their mothers, and all of the women in-between.

I chose to pair this outfit with woven straw slides to encompass the sunny weather we’ve been having, but you can also pair this outfit with espadrilles, a white sneaker, or even a bright colored heel.

3. With Brights

This is one of my favorite ways to wear white jeans in the spring: with bright pink, orange, tomato red, sea foam green, and other bright colors. This lilac color can be hard to come by, but any color in this family will look great with all skin tones!

I’m pretty bubbly and loud, so these bright colors portray my personality. However, if bright pink isn’t “you”, you can play with brights through your shoes! I love these yellow wedges, but also have a pair of magenta mules and red pumps that would look great, too!

4. Trendy

Try wearing white jeans with any trend! I chose this tie-dye sweater predominantly because it was the last outfit I styled and wanted to be in something comfy for the rest of the day, but you can match white pants with leopard print, tie-dye, a band t-shirt, a sneaker brand hoodie, etc.

Check out my instagram page @klosetbykrista for more outfit inspo all season long, white jeans will be making many appearances!

Some of the items in these photos are currently in stock. Follow @klosetbykrista on the LIKEtoKNOWit app to shop!

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