Magazine Monday: Denim/Chambray

With spring time comes along denim jackets and chambray all day! So, I thought it was only fitting to use them as my inspo for this week’s Magazine Monday.

Before we start, I want to give a little PSA: I don’t love the way these outfits came out. I had so much in my closet that I was inspired to put together after seeing these print ads, but when they actually came together…yuck.

But it’s OKAY to have a fashion fail – especially when going out of your comfort zone. You will never learn what you do/don’t like unless you try it. Fashion is like any other art form, it takes practice. I’m constantly following blogs, reading magazines, watching re-runs of What Not To Wear, watching fashion documentaries, and more. I study!

And so, I bring to you some fashion spreads I was inspired by, and some fashion faux pas:

Safari or Farmer’s Wife?

When I saw this Dior shoot, I thought “high fashion safari”. I want this romper to be a part of my wardrobe!

As separates, I have a lot of pieces that resonate with this ad- the straw hat and shoes, the pearl necklace, the chambray top, the high neck tank, the striped skirt. I thought it would be a girly-girl version of the photo.

When Mark saw this outfit on me, he said “Farmer’s Wife.” I had to show him a picture of the ad to prove I wasn’t crazy!

For the record, I don’t hate every part of this outfit. If I traded the slides for black pointed toe pumps, and the necklace for a pair of aviators, I think it would look pretty nice!

Desert Babe

The fact that the temp dropped down to 40 degrees today didn’t help with my confidence sporting this look- crop tops just feel wrong when I’m not near the beach.

This outfit is pretty simple, so I wouldn’t say I hate it, but putting it together made me realize what I’m missing in wardrobe: a brown leather belt, a white button up top, and these super cool pinstripe pants!

I have a hard time buying basics- it’s just not in my nature. I always gravitate towards color vs. neutrals (it’s why I was determined to stock up on white sweaters post Christmas), or a unique print vs. solid.

But replacing that word “basics” with “wardrobe staple” is enough to make me realize, despite my large wardrobe, I have some gaping holes!

Do you have any fashion fails? Anything you regret not adding to your wardrobe? Comment, email and DM to share!

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