Magazine Monday: Spring Pallet

Happy Monday! In this crazy world we’ve lived in the past week, I spent most of my time lounging in sweatpants with my boyfriend, enjoying time outdoors, and binge-watching Netflix like we’ve never done before (and we’ve done a lot of binge-watching).

Yet Monday still rolls around, so I have for you a brief Magazine Monday! Brief – so that we can all get back to snuggling on the couch with Netflix.

I have been adoring yellow accessories this season. They give the right amount of pop to an outfit, and a little accessory can speak volumes. The yellow earrings in this collage from InStyle reminded me of a pair I bought last month at LOFT, and I had my inspo!

One hack I wanted to share is that this top is actually a romper! I’ve been experimenting with ways to mix and match items I normally wouldn’t. For example, this winter I wore lots of sweaters over dresses, giving the illusion that I was actually wearing a sweater and skirt.

Flowy skirts are perfect for layering over rompers, dresses, and other items to turn them from a typically one-piece outfit to a separate!

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