Magazine Monday – Monochromatic

In flipping through high end fashion ads this spring, I’ve seen lots of Monochromatic looks. For those of you who don’t know, a monochromatic look is when your outfit is all one color. For example, both your pants and blouse are some shade of blue.

The most popular monochromatic look is black on black, though many people choose that combo because they are trying to hide themselves from the world. Other popular monochromatic I’ve been seeing in magazines is beige on beige, or white on white.

I get most excited when I see a monochromatic look of the same color: pink on pink, red on red, purple on purple. I study the looks and appreciate the style like some might a sculpture or an old painting. To me, these looks are artwork, not necessarily an outfit I would wear in my daily life.

I based today’s Magazine Monday off of a combination of the two monochromatic styles. This spread showed pink on pink – but the colors were more muted than bold. I immediately thought of one of my favorite Spring skirts, and paired it with a comfy tee.

I also thought the contrast of the baseball cap with a prim and proper look depicted both sides of my personality.

But the true win of this outfit?? I’m wearing socks πŸ™‚ My feet are forever freezing, so I. Love. Socks.

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