Styled 4 Ways – Floral Peplum Tee

I know many of us have been lounging in our cozies these past few weeks. I officially have another 4 weeks of working from home, so my joggers and sweatshirts are getting more action than ever before.

But if you’re like me, you’re going stir crazy having to stay home! I’m counting down the days until I’m hopefully back in the office. So, to keep spirits up, I decided to style my favorite tee shirt from my LOFT haul four different ways – 3 of which I hope to wear to work in the future!

  1. For those Meetings: Because you know there’s going to be a lot of them to catch up!

This outfit incorporates one of my favorite things: texture! I love texture because it acts like pattern without all of the different colors to match. For example, if this diamond design was a print pattern with two colors, I probably wouldn’t pair it with this floral top.

Instead, this skirt gives the illusion of a well matched pattern! That being said, there is still lots of visual interest in this look, so I paired it with a neutral shoe and plain gold hoop earrings.

2. For Summer Fridays: If we still have them!

White jeans in spring: ‘nough said. But really, they are such a staple!

I have been admiring the white on white monochromatic look this spring, so I love that this floral is on a white ground. With the pops of pink and yellow, this outfit is so bright, girly and happy!

3. For The Chilly Days Before Summer Fridays: Like today that is sunny and a sold 45*

Ladies (and gentlemen): make sure half of your wardrobe can survive despite the season. I bought this cozy duster this fall and got lots of use out if. When I flipped my closet a few weeks ago, I had it in the pack-away pile and pulled it out at the last second.

Why would I keep a cozy duster in my wardrobe for spring/summer?

  1. Trend Color- yellow continues to trend, so I knew I’d be buying current pieces it could be matched with. If this was burgundy it would have stayed in the pack-away pile.
  2. Chilly Nights- We all have them. If you’re in New England, you know nights near the beach can be breezy. If you’re in Florida, you know that AC cranks!

4. For Working From Home: Because I still have another month of it.

To shop this t-shirt (currently on sale for $15!) download the FREE LIKEtoKNOWit app and follow @klosetbykrista. There you will find a link to the t-shirt, white jeans, and some accessories. When you use those links to shop, I make a small commission that I hope to use to upgrade my blog one day!

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