March Favorite Finds

March is a looong month. On top of that, working from home for two weeks gave me a looong time to test out some new products. Below are my favorite of the faves for what I’ve been using this past month:


  1. White Jeans: It’s white jean season here in Boston – that is, if you’re like me and don’t follow the “after Memorial Day” rule! This pair from LOFT brings me one day closer to consistent warmer days.

Also, they are simple! White jeans, though a neutral, are also a bit of a statement piece. They’re bright. They’re clean! To some extent, you have to be daring to wear them because the smallest stain will be obvious. Because of that, I avoid embellishments and embroidery.

P.S they’re not see through AND they are TTS

2. Cozy Leopard Sweatshirt: I, like much of America, spent the majority of March working from home. I’m wearing loungewear far more than I’m dressing up. Even worse…I’m wearing this sweatshirt day after day after day.

This sweatshirt is part of the Sunday Soft line from Aerie. I have two other sweatshirts from that line and they are amazing! They’re not just butter on your skin, they are a cloud. On top of that, this sweatshirt can be paired with my white jeans when I go back to the office. When comfiness combines with versatility, you can’t lose!


  1. Reusable Cotton Rounds: I don’t consider myself an Environmentalist, but I try to be more conscious when I can. In my obsession of trying new beauty products, I am also aware of my much single use plastic I use. These cotton rounds help me balance out my footprint. I got them off of Etsy!

I used to go through a bag of cotton balls a month. These cotton rounds are really going to slow me down. They are soft on my eyelids and one round can take off most of the makeup from both of my eyes! The best part about them (which I haven’t tried) is that they can be thrown right in the wash. Supposedly they get softer with every wash.

2. Wild Dew Essence from Peach and Lily: This product is amazing. Every time I put it on my skin, I feel like I’m going that extra distance for my self-care.

This product is extremely hydrating – I only use 3-4 drops with each use and my skin feels dewey and fresh. Apply an essence between your toner and serums. Peach and Lily has anti-aging properties AND is clean beauty as well. Like the rest of the line, the essence isn’t necessarily cheap, but it is luxurious on your skin. You’re worth it!

3. Lip Crayon fro Colourpop – Cutie Fruity: I thought I had hit a home run with my last lipstick, but this lip crayon from color pop really knocked it out of the park. This is the first product I’ve tried from the clean cosmetics brand and I’m very impressed.

The feel of the product on my lips is smooth and hydrating. The color is lasting. The smell is scrumptious (okay, my boyfriend thinks it’s weird, but I love it). I think what’s most impressive about it is the staying power. Even after the silky smooth feeling rubs off, the color stays on your lips for hours. I look forward to trying more colors!

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