Magazine Monday – Leopard and Neon

With summer fashion starting to creep around the corner, we are going to start seeing more bright colors and loud prints. Often this is the time of the year when safari styling cycles into our wardrobe, whether it’s palm leaves, linens, or animal prints.

Animal print has been in a trend across multiple seasons now. But how do we make animal print feel fresh without just buying new pieces? Pair it with Neon.

This magazine spread spoke to me because it taught me a new way to pair what I already have in my closet to create something completely new – that’s what I love about fashion.

This also opened my eyes to neon green. I only have about 3 pieces of neon in my wardrobe, and I stick to yellow and pink (my favorite colors). This showed me that neon green can also be versatile. I think neon orange would look great layered over this leopard dress, too!

Inspiration doesn’t limit you to one thing that you do and get done. Inspiration is when you do one thing, and then have an idea for another, and excitement for another.

For more style inspiration, follow @klosetbykrista on Instagram!

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