Consultation With an Aesthetician

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I know how lucky I am to have never had any major skin concerns, acne, or blackheads. My high school and college years were filled with Maybelline makeup, Aveeno face wash, and, when I really wanted to feel like an adult, BareMinerals. Adulthood, on the other
hand, has me trying every anti-aging, pretty packaging, co-worker tested beauty product.

So, in an effort to establish a routine appropriate for MY skin type, and to stop emptying my wallet to every brand that smelled good and had a logo I liked, I consulted with an aesthetician.

It was so unexpectedly, incredibly, and personally helpful, that I recommend everyone do it just to get in touch with their outer selves.

My goals:

  1. Figure out how in the heck to get rid of the “texture” on my skin (small bumps, “not acne”, predominantly on forehead).
  2. Establish a routine.
  3. Evaluate the products I already have in my cabinet.

This is what came out of my consultation:

GOAL 1 – Texture on my Forehead

As it turns out- this “texture” actually is acne that just hasn’t broken the surface. She had a few recommendations: cut back on dairy, cleanse once in the morning and twice in the evening, Vitamin A (aka retinol).

In the week and a half since our appointment, I HAVE seen an improvement in my forehead, and the main thing I really did was follow her cleansing advice.

You see, I tried to cut back and bought a gallon of sherbert…but if you’re smarter than me you know sherbert is made with milk… so I haven’t actually cut back! I also haven’t bought Vitamin A yet. I’m waiting for her spa to open it back up to purchase a professional brand from her – Vitamin A is not something I want to try off the drug store shelf.

GOAL 2 – Establish a Routine

I have normal skin. It sometimes gets dry in the winter and sometimes gets oily during that time of the month. We categorized it as normal to dry skin (mostly due to climate – I live in New England where skin tends to be dry due to our conditions during the winter).

I also wanted to focus my routine towards anti-aging. I’m not 30 yet, but when I do hit that milestone I plan to look 30 until I’m 40, and ten years younger than my age after that 🙂

After chatting about the products I already use, my aesthetician recommended what products to keep, which to switch out, and which to completely get rid of.

Old Routine (product and brand):

  1. Remove makeup (eyes – micellar water, face – water on makeup remover towel)
  2. Toner – Origins
  3. Essence (PM Only) – Peach and Lilly
  4. Serum (PM Only) – Peach and Lilly
  5. Moisturizer – Peach and Lilly or Orignis
  6. Eye Cream – Origins

Weekly – chemical exfoliator – Peach and Lilly

New Routine (product and brand):

  1. Remove eye makeup – micellar water
  2. CLEANSE – La Roche Posay or Mad Hippie.
    1. AM – Cleanse Wet
    1. PM – Dry Cleanse to remove makeup, Cleanse Wet to clean face
  3. Essence – Peach and Lily
  4. Vitamin C Serum – Mad Hippie
  5. Vitamin A Serum (PM only) – Professional Brands (Environ or Cosmetix)
  6. Moisturizer – Peach and Lilly or Origins
  7. Eye CREAM – Origins or Professional Brands

Weekly – chemical exfoliator serum – Mad Hippie

Weekly – pink clay Mask. I have since purchased one from my favorite brand Peach and Lilly:

Spot Treatment – Juice Beauty or Rem.

For anti-aging she emphasized hydration. For example, chemical exfoliators should be potent in lactic acid. Adding a Hyaluronic Acid serum is another option.

If you have oily skin or are prone to acne, I recommend speaking to an asesthetician about a routine that is appropriate for your skin type.

Goal 3 – Evaluate the Products I Already Have

The good news is, I was already using clean beauty. There were no toxins in my products, so my aesthetician said there was no harm in finishing the products I already have before buying new ones. However, these were my biggest takeaways:

CLEANSE – prior to this meeting, I was just washing my face with Aveeno in the shower and taking off my makeup at night with a makeup remover towel. I was naïve to the fact that I was doing it all wrong:

We do not want to wash our face in the shower! Hot water is not good for our sensitive skin and can dry us out. The makeup remover towels work to remove makeup, don’t actually clean your skin. Am I the only one that wasn’t making that connection?

Cleansing is the major routine change I’ve done and my skin is truly changing after only a week and a half– cross my heart, hope to die, put toxic cream around my eye!

She recommended a cream cleanser for my skin type. Also, both cleansers she recommended balance the PH in the skin. This is typically the role of a toner, so in using these cleansers I can actually remove toner from my routine and save a little cash!

SERUMS – I was using the Peach and Lilly Glass Skin Serum and loving it. There is nothing wrong with that serum, but she recommended I swap it out for a Vitamin C serum. This kind of serum is more targeted towards anti-oxidants and anti-aging.

There was so much more I learned in this consultation, and writing it all here would be exhausting for both writer and reader. HOWEVER – I do plan on sharing the rest with you – mostly in the form of trial and error reviews of supplemental products she recommended. Stay tuned!

My consultation was done with Lindsey, the owner of Sundar Spa. I highly recommend a consultation not just with an aesthetician, but with Lindsey! Though she is located in New Hampshire, she offers virtual consultations at a discounted rate of $30 during stay-at-home (ending May 4th as of now). Make sure to tell her Krista sent you!!

To see more of my favorite beauty products, make sure to follow me on my Instagram account: @klosetbykrista

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