Styled 4 Ways – Striped Pullover

We are all indulging in our loungewear, maybe even wearing it out. How are we going to bring ourselves to put back on pants that zipper, fitted sweaters, or a pencil skirt?!

When I went shopping in April, you may recall that I was determined to find loungewear that could be dressed up and transformed to workwear, datewear, or eventwear. That was strategic; my goal being to make the transition back to the real world a little easier.

That mindset has really helped. Even at home, I find myself putting makeup on more often, and wearing outfits that are incredibly comfortable, but also a little chic. It’s good for the mind and good for the soul.

So, here is my color blocked t-shirt, styled 4 ways for any sort of day:

  1. With Pants That Zipper:

Because we all know those days are somewhere ahead of us! I love a good white denim for the spring/summer. Paired with the feminine color combo of pink and grey – this is one of my favorite tops to wear with white jeans!

2. With A Sports Cap and Sneaks

Because once we’re forced out of our lounge clothes, we’re going to take very opportunity we can to get back in them! I love this look for running errands, or taking a walk around the block, because those are two reasons to wear that I don’t need to wait for!

3. For a Datenight

If following along on my blog hasn’t convinced you to layer a sweater over a dress yet, something may be wrong with you. These combos are the COMFIEST! Better than the buttery joggers everyone is raving about on instagram, better than the pajamas we only wear in the privacy of our own home. And this look is totally appropriate for a casual date night!

4. With More Stripes:

I didn’t have this ah-ha moment until I opened up my shorts drawer and saw these suckers right on top. I love mixing patterns, and the sound of stripes on stripes doesn’t sound appealing. But this works for two reasons: 1. The stripes are going in different directions and 2. The stripes are on opposite ends of the width spectrum.

Do you have any thick striped tops or sweaters? Try pairing them with a pin-stripe pant!

For more style inspo, and to shop this color blocked sweater, follow @klosetbykrista on Instagram!

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