Styled 4 Ways – Pink Linen Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have been popular for a few years now, and they fall into one of two categories: 1. Plain neutral color (black) that could match anything and have endless possibilities…but ends up being worn by itself for a casual look on the weekends, or 2. Woven in a silk-like material that gets dressed up for an event.

But there is a middle man! This jumpsuit is a t-shirt/linen material that is comfy enough to stay home in all day, but can be dressed up for work or Easter brunch (where I wore it).

When it comes to jumpsuits – it’s ALL about the layers and the shoes. See how I styled mine 4 ways:

p.s if pink isn’t your color, just envision this in black!

  1. Layered with a Sweater:

Turn this one-piece into a two piece with a simple sweater on top. To avoid a bulge in my belly, I reversed the tie so that it would tie in the back. I then added a pair of kicks to keep the look casual and keep myself ready for anything!

One of the biggest challenges with a jumpsuit is going to the bathroom. Don’t let the full coverage on top scare you into thinking this necessity will be impossible! I think this is easier than a jacket because you just have to take your arms out, and the sweater will hang on your shoulders. A jacket or blazer will fall off without the arms, so you have to fully remove it to use the ladie’s.

It may only save you three seconds of your life, but those are three seconds you cannot get back!

2. Layered with a Denim Jacket

The denim jacket completes any spring look. They are popular to wear to the office, where it seems to get colder the warmer the weather gets. Or, wear this to a restaurant, movie theater, or anywhere else that stays heavily air conditioned in the warm weather.

I styled this with sneakers, because by the end of quarantine I’m in casual mode. However, if your office dress code doesn’t allow sneakers, swap them out with a cute pair of flats!

2. With a Blazer

I think a white blazer is so classic for a professional spring or summer look. It’s almost like a white pair of jeans.

What I love about white blazers is that they can be dressed down more easily than black blazers. Black blazers are more rigid and serious. White blazers look fresh with a pair of blue jeans, a chino pant, or over a sundress. Consider it more of a cardigan than a blazer!

Also, you’ll notice that I’m tying the belt back in the front. I love jumpsuits with built in belts, because it already includes that “third” piece every stylist will tell you completes an outfit!

4. Sans Layers

Skip the layers all together! Jumpsuits are great because they dress you up while still being able to participate in any spontaneous office, cookout, or family competition activities (anyone tried a sibling TikTok yet?!) more readily than a dress.

While I appreciate the consideration on the bottom, some jumpsuits are still very revealing on top. I love that this is full coverage with sleeves, because it eliminates any distraction from making sure nothing is slipping out. Oh, and I did spontaneously participate in a sibling TikTok wearing this πŸ™‚

I hope you see how pieces that you may thing are loud – aka a pink jumpsuit – can really be versatile.

For more style inspo, follow me on instagram and the free LIKEtoKNOWit app (where you can shop for this jumpsuit!).

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