Mark is 30

If you follow along on my Instagram, you know that one of the main forces behind my whole production is my boyfriend Mark. He WILLINGLY takes ALL my pictures and encourages me to pursue my hobby of fashion via this blog and an IG account. And he always is wildly impressed every time I gain another 100 followers.

But he is much more than just an Instagram boyfriend. And to prove it- in honor of his 30th birthday, I wanted to share a little bit more about him and our relationship.

Though he’s known on Instagram as MY photographer, I am constantly snapping photos of him, usually candid. I try to recognize the moments I find myself admiring him, and when I do, I try to capture them.

This is Mark through my eyes:

If you can’t tell, his natural habitat is in nature.

Our Story:

Our First Date:

We met a year and a half ago through a DATING APP! This makes me laugh, but also proves to me that there is such thing as fate. How is a dating app fate?

Mark doesn’t exactly fit the profile of someone who you would expect to find on a dating app – and I would know, I used them a lot. He doesn’t like talking about himself, is quiet among strangers, nervous around girls he likes (which I only know from experience but will assume is a character trait), and completely happy to stay in and hang with his long-time friends.

I have these friends to thank for pushing him to sign up for the app. He probably wouldn’t have kept it up for long, especially after his first online date was a weird one. And he didn’t need to keep it up for long…I was date number two. Fate!

And for all of the reasons he isn’t the typical guy you would expect to find on a dating app are the reasons our date went so well: I will gladly talk about myself, I get uncomfortable in silence so will continue talking to move the conversation forward, and I don’t get nervous around new people.

From my perspective, our first date had a few quirks: he ordered a vodka cranberry (which I’ll never let him live that down), it lasted about an hour (and we did a sit down dinner), and I did – literally – all of the talking. But I saw that he was genuinely listening. He was visibly surprised when I immediately agreed to go on a second date with him. I felt just as surprised that he asked me to go on a second date.

Our First Kiss:

I won’t get too detailed here – I don’t think Mark would appreciate me sharing our secrets with the few of you who read this. But I will summarize:

Remember those nerves? The first time Mark came to my house, about two weeks after our first date, he sat on the individual chair across from the couch where I was sitting, kept telling me not to turn on a Netflix show because he was leaving (we could have watched a full movie with the amount of time it took us to say goodnight), broke one of my pencils he was fidgeting with, and turned the door knob back and forth so much I thought it was going to unscrew.

And after all of that, when I went to kiss him goodnight, he gave me the cheek!

When he came over again we eventually did kiss goodnight. It was the awkwardest and funniest first kiss either of us have ever had, but I’m going to keep that story between us πŸ™‚

And then there was that time he asked me to be his girlfriend

I didn’t explicitly say yes, but I thought I was pretty darn clear. But that’s not the time I’m referring to.

Two weeks later we were out on a date and he asked me to be his girlfriend. For weeks I had been telling my friends, co-workers, and some family that I had a new boyfriend, and apparently he didn’t think I was his girlfriend at all!

While these awkward moments may have turned some people off, they felt 100% right, authentic, and UNembarrassing with Mark.

And now look where we are:

We’re in Nashville, Florida, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Puerto Rico!!

I’m now officially a hockey/Bruins fan, a running trainer, a camper, and probably a few other things I would have never expected myself to be. But he’s a photographer, an interior designer, and a shopper – all things I don’t think he expected to be.

And together, we make a pretty badass couple.

Happy 30th Birthday Mark!!

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