April’s Favorite Finds

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What an odd April. April is typically my favorite month – the first signs of warmer weather, trees start to bloom, it’s my birthday, and when I was younger the Boston Marathon ran right by my house.

This year was obviously a little different. Despite the pandemic (and the copious amount of rain the past few weeks), the trees still blossomed and I still turned 27. And just like every other month, I tried new products, grew my spring wardrobe, and have some favorites to share!

1.Wide Legged Loungepant

I think everyone can agree that one of the few pros of having to stay at home is that we can wear loungewear all day, every day! Most millennials are living in joggers. But THESE pants are where it is at.

This wide-leg lounge pant is SO comfortable. Both the inside and outside feel like the inside of a cozy new sweatshirt but is lightweight. They are also highwaisted, which adds a bit of cute to the comfort factor.

I love how the wide leg allows for so much freedom of movement without the annoyance of an ankle band pulling up or moving out of place.

I still love my joggers, but those pants are more for running errands. These pants are true LOUNGE pants.

2. Summer Sneakers

Of all of the spring footwear I’ve bought this season, these sneakers are by far my favorite. They were on my feet ALL day the first time I wore them, and I didn’t get a single blister or bit of discomfort.

But the comfort was mostly luck that I discovered after they arrived at my house. I bought them for the fashion!

Because I love to wear color and pattern, I tend to lean more towards neutral shoes. Shoes with natural fiber, whether in the form of a sandal, slide, and sneaker, are such a fun adaptation of a neutral shoe. The texture adds some visual interest, and the material truly adds seasonality.

I love how this sneaker mixed textures and matched the fiber with white leather. Plus the terracotta colored leather on the back adds just the right amount of flair.

3. Creamy, AFFORDABLE, Cleanser

At the beginning of the month, I had a virtual appointment with an aesthetician. It was great – I established a new routine, introduced some new ingredients to my skincare regimen, AND learned how to cleanse properly.

I think I was a little late to the double cleanse party πŸ˜‰

This cleanser is only $15, and 13oz! I got a cleanser from Ulta that was the same price but less than half of the ounce size.

The texture is amazing – it’s like a combination of a gel and a cream. It melts off my makeup and truly made a difference to my skin (I used it for about a week without changing any other part of my routine and saw a difference immediately).

What is even better is that this is a non-toxic cleanser. It is fragrance free and doesn’t have any parabens, sulfates, or all the gross things. If you were to take any of these recommendations to the shopping cart, it should be this one!

4. Hydrating Lip Mask

I loved all of my birthday presents this year, and choosing a favorite was very difficult. My family got me a body butter in my favorite all time scent, a top-coat nail polish that works wonders, a spot-treatment that got rid of my birthday pimples in 2 days, and natural bath teas and shower bombs for relaxation. Mark got me some unique, high quality, yoga clothes that make me feel like a true yogi. I was very spoiled!

My family also got me this lip mask, and I think this takes the cake. Pretty affordable, this lip mask feels like silk on the lips. I put it on every night before I go to bed, and haven’t had any dryness. I even made Mark try it one night, and he agreed!

I’ve used the Kiehls lip butter mask as comparison, and I definitely love this one more. This is more silky than goopy. It also comes with an applicator, which is a life savor. If you have long nails like me, you know the struggle of having to scoop out vaseline (or the butter mask) from a tub and half of it ends up under your nail versus on your lips!

For more details of my favorite finds, click the bold titles! If you shop them using the links from this site, I make a small commission that will help me keep my blog up to date πŸ™‚

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