Little Pink Dress Styled 4 Ways

There is so much to love about a little pink dress, particularly one as bright as this one! Pink is such a feminine color, and every woman can find a shade that looks good on her.

I bought this dress from Pink Lily Boutique and it is so comfy, but even more cute. I knew it was a dress for a special occasion. It was in the running to be my Easter dress, but ultimately ended up being my birthday dress!

But this dress can be styled more than one way, special occasion or not!

  1. On it’s own (and style tip):

This dress can steal the show, and you should let it! I love a swing dress silhouette because it moves with you. The ruffle sleeves on this dress add a little something special, and they deserve to be shown off!

A little tip: this dress is lined, and the lining is more fitted than the dress itself. That way when the wind comes up and sweeps up the dress (like in the photo), there will be no unexpected flashing to your crowd.

2. With a Denim Jacket:

The most neutral thing layering piece in the spring time is a blue denim jacket. Even more neutral than a white denim jacket. A white denim jacket really brightens any color it’s paired with, and since this dress is already pretty bright, a white jacket would be TOO much.

This blue denim jacket, on the other hand, tones down the shade of pink. Paired with these summer sneakers, a casual summer looks is pulled off πŸ™‚

3. With a faded black Jacket

Styling your faded black jackets- whether it be denim or a softer fabric like the one above- with bright colors is a great way to extend the life of a typical fall item to be all year-round.

The key to keep this look casual is to pair the dress with a FADED black. A bold, rich black would dress this up (too much like a blazer). That being said, if you’re wearing this to work, a rich black cardigan or jacket would make this dress boss lady appropriate!

4. With Tie Dye

Because everything in your wardrobe should currently be in style, this look shows that you can even style a ruffle dress with the tie-dye trend. This type of look has happy vibes and can definitely be rocked on the weekends, or even as a teacher’s outfit of the day!

The colors in the tie dye are a little more muted than the brightness of the dress, but it would be as cute with neon tie-dye as well! These yellow sandals tie it all together!

To shop these looks, click on the bold/underlined hyperlinks!

Dress: $42

Denim Jacket: $45

Sneakers: $40

Sandals: $30

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