Yellow T-shirt Midi Dress- Styled 4 Ways

One of my favorite color in summer fashion is YELLOW! I’ve heard many women say that they can’t wear yellow, but I think they just haven’t found the right shade. Pastel yellow, Banana yellow, and mustard all have very different tones, which one is yours?

I don’t shy away from any shade of yellow, whether or not it is the best shade for my skin tone. Yellow is a happy, confident color, so I try to rock it as much as I can. That’s why when I saw this bold, yet casual dress on Target’s website, I KNEW it was meant for my summer wardrobe.

Here are four ways you can style a yellow t-shirt dress for any day.

  1. With a white denim jacket

My favorite color to pair yellow with is white. Together, they remind me of a daisy or a spring flower. I particularly love yellow and white stripes and florals.

With this solid t-shirt dress, I thought a fun layering piece would be a denim jacket, but for some extra summer flare I chose a white denim jacket! This combo goes great with any animal print, like these leopard print Steve Madden sneakers. However, try some snakeskin slides or tortoise sandals instead!

2. With a floral print

Styling this dress with a floral blouse is a bright way to dress up such a casual dress for work. And if your outfit has anything to do with your mood (which it totally does!), you’ll be walking into the office with a smile on your face πŸ™‚

Tying the bottom of the blouse together in a knot at the waist is a fun, yet still professional, way to add some shape to an otherwise structure-less dress. You can also style a blouse like this over a strapless dress to transform the look to be office appropriate!

With a kimono

Unlike tying the blouse, a kimono may not give you any structured shape, but it has it’s other perks. Both the layer and the movement of the garment add an extra layer of dimension. Kimono’s also let you have that layering piece without adding any extra weight -perfect for summer!

This kimono adds extra color to the outfit (which I love for summer!). I love the warm pallet of this dress mixed with the light pink and beige. Do you have a cooler skin tone? Consider layering with a navy, mint green or lavender kimono!

With denim or chambray

Shop Outfit HERE

There are so many ways to incorporate denim or chambray with this yellow. For example, let’s re-consider the outfits above. Rather than a white denim jacket, go with a regular denim jacket. In addition to wearing it over your shoulders, you can tie it around your waist to add some definition to your shape. Rather than a floral blouse, go for a chambray button up!

I decided to go incorporate chambray into my accessories and chose this baseball cap. I love using baseball caps to dress outfits down for the weekend. Just add some athleisure footwear and we have a sporty, casual, look!

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