Bathroom Renovation

About three months in the making, Mark and I finally can say we’re just about done with our bathroom renovation!

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Everything in this renovation was done by either Mark’s or my hands. We demo’d the room, tiled the floor (twice!), painted the walls and replaced the hardware.

And I’m happy to report that there was minimal disagreements involved! Even my mom was surprised that he didn’t resist pink linens. The trick? I insisted it was “clay”, not pink πŸ™‚

So what were our biggest lessons learned during this renovation? What would we do differently next time? Here are my top 3:

  1. Demo EVERYTHING – we took just about everything out of the bathroom to have a fresh slate, EXCEPT the radiator unit. We kept the radiator in mainly because we were tired. It didn’t seem like a big deal…until we went to tile the floor and install the baseboard.

2. Get MULTIPLE opinions – YouTube is a great resource, so are the store associates, and so is your dad! But they all have different experiences, different rational, and different strategies. Next time, I would ensure we listen to different opinions OBJECTIVELY. Had we done that in the first place…let’s just say we wouldn’t have had to tile the floor twice (the Lowe’s associate said that we wouldn’t need to lay down a membrane for small tiles…Good ol’ Daddy-o said that the Membrane would be good to prevent any rotting of the subfloor. We listened to Dad and after tiling over the membrane had to rip it all out and tile directly onto the subfloor).

3. Give each other THINKING SPACE – Mark and I are a pretty good team. We listen to each other’s ideas, get frustrated by different things (so there is always one of us remaining calm) and even approach some problems in the same way. But there were some moments where we definitely needed some independent thinking time and didn’t ask for it. It was our first MAJOR project together (re-doing his living room was really just paint and furniture, not laying tile!) and we wanted to do it ALL together. Don’t force it.

4. Stick to what you’re PASSIONATE About – I wanted colored linens and accessories (that’s why I loved when Mark recommended faux greenery), and Mark wanted the perfect fixtures. Understanding what was important to one another allowed us to actually back off from some projects and stay away from extra stress.

I also think we could have finished this in a much shorter window of time given different circumstances. Currently, Mark and I live almost an hour apart, and we both pay a mortgage. We try to split our time between each other’s homes. Also, we enjoy relaxing together, especially since Mark is an essential worker and has been working long hours through the pandemic. So yes, there were plenty of times where we could have been measuring or installing, but chose to share a bowl of ice-cream instead.

Target was the true champion throughout this renovation – ALL of our accessories come from there. The appliances all came from Lowes, and the Vanity came from Wayfair.

For more product information, please DM me on Instagram or e-mail me! I’m happy to provide all of the links to make your decorating experience easier πŸ™‚

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