Tie-Dye Slouchy T – Styled 4 Ways

Has your wardrobe maxed out on Tie-Dye yet? If you have everything short of a formal gown then you are further ahead in the curve than me. This month I got my first piece of tie-dye workout gear – that is, if you don’t count my vintage hand-made tees from my camp days.

This tee is much more muted than the primary colors that dominated the DIY tie-dye crafts of my childhood, but it is also 100x softer! Have you tried the Joy Lab active wear line from Target? This is my first piece, and it’s taken all of my self-constraint to not buy more every time I run an errand.

In addition to the pattern and the material, I love how this workout tee can be worn as part of a legitimate outfit, and doesn’t just live in the days of Quarantine and Gym Workouts. In fact, I first saw this tee styled as an everyday OOTD by Liz Freeman (If you don’t know Liz – go check out her blog Lattes With Liz. She has great style, is so down to earth, and is living her best life as a Mom to two precious little girls!)

So to convince you that you should invest in workout wear that doesn’t have to be doomed to stained armpits and too many washes, I styled this tee 4 ways:

Styled Like Liz – with light wash jeans and a white tank

When you mix this muted lavender with a light wash denim, you have a pallet of pastels working in your favor.

This slouchy tee compliments the tight denim and creates balance to the outfit. I never wear a tight top with tight pants because I feel like a sausage. This combo shows the curves in my legs (I like my bottom half more than my top half!) but is complimented by the loose fit on top!

Also – note how Liz styled it with a tank underneath. I followed suit because when I say this tee is slouchy, I mean it is SLOUCHY. It will fall right off the shoulder, so if you are going to wear a normal bra, make sure you wear a thicker strapped tank underneath.

With White Jeans

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I think this muted lavender is SO pretty with white jeans! This color actually reminds me of grey, and pairing grey with white is my favorite color combo.

The color of these jeans is different than the phot above, but the notes about balance apply to this outfit as well!

With High-Waisted, Pinstripe Shorts

These shorts are popping up more and more in my looks as the warm weather rolls in. Aside from them being so comfortable, they are a classic print that is so versatile and can be mixed and matched – even with other prints!

I am going to do a little “How-To” style stripes later this week, but I’ll give you a sneak peek with this outfit: A round print like this tie dye should be paired with a straight print like this pin-stripe. That is why this combination of patterns “works”.

Layered Over a Dress

As the weather quickly gets hotter and hotter, I need to adapt my spring/fall favorite of layering sweaters over dresses. Last year, I simply didn’t layer, but this year I’m thinking oversized tees will be the perfect way to transition this looks.

This layering gives the effect that the dress is actually a skirt (dresses are great because they are a whole outfit in one piece, but tricks like this make them so much more versatile!). Since the top is so slouchy, I chose a sleeveless dress so that there wouldn’t be any bulk in my shoulders. By tying the extra fabric into a knot, I’m able to define my waist and show off the skirt!

P.S have you noticed I styled all of these looks with the same sandals?? These $23 sandals are such a steal at Target and SO versatile! I recommend sizing down a half size (I range between a 6-7 and these are 6) but they are such a good neutral shoe!

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