May Favorite Finds

April 2020 will probably go down in retail history as the month of the sharpest sales in apparel. In response to COVID-19 shuttering American consumerism, fashion brands slashed their prices to move through their spring goods. And your girl went buck wild.

May 2020, therefore, was little lighter of a spending month. I did a Target Haul and made a few Ulta purchases of basic cosmetics. Therefore, this is a bit smaller of a favorite find round up than months past, but I still love these items all the same!

So I present to you, my May Favorite Finds:

  1. ColourPop Brow Pencil

If you have been following along, you may know that I am loyal to Stila Cosmetics. However, their brow crayon juts wasn’t doing it for me. I was on the hunt for a brow pencil that was darker and more potent in color and good quality.

I checked out ColourPop because I knew they were a clean beauty brand AND an affordable beauty brand.

I am SO happy with the results of this beauty pencil, and recommend it over the Stila pencil. It is potent in color (without looking like I completely painted on new brows) and a perfect brunette shade. I use the shade: Brunette Matte.

And the best part: this brow pencil is only $6.00!!

After a week, I bought a second to keep at Mark’s house and threw out the brow gel I was originally keeping there. And folks – that’s a big deal because I am one of those women who stubbornly use products until they are gone!

2. Summer Sandals

May got hot fast, and in a pinch I took advantage of Target’s BOGO footwear sale to stock up on some sandals. But don’t worry that you missed the sale – these are only $23.00

I wore these in my last styled 4 ways post – so you can see how versatile they are. They are a perfect neutral sandal that you can throw on with EVERY outfit. The material is so seasonal for summer and it adds that extra layer of fashion that you simply wouldn’t have from a plain brown leather.

I love this natural material so much: and this season my favorite shoe brand (Dolce Vita) has a whole collection:

**Screen shotted from Dolce Vita Webiste:

These shoes give you an upscale vibe at less than half the price!

3. Tie-Dye Midi Dress

Everytime I talk about this dress, I describe it in the same way: it’s a mature tie-dye. It almost reminds me more of a water color that is hiding behind the tie-dye name so that more people want to wear it!

I originally didn’t LOVE this dress. It doesn’t have much structure or shape to it, so when I drape it over my triangle shape body my hips take over and my waist disappears.

BUT, I played around a bit and implemented the tricks I knew to dress for my body type. Yes…sometimes we have to put a little work into looking good ๐Ÿ™‚ Style is an art, after all!

Once I felt confident in the dress, I was able to truly appreciate the softness of the colors, the comfort of the material, and the simple modesty of the silhouette. This dress, when full-price, is only $20!

So there you have it! Target ALWAYs comes in clutch when I spent my monthly shopping money there.

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