Mexican Inspired Chicken Dinner

One skill I’ve worked on developing through the past three months while I’ve been unable to go out to eat is marinading and grilling meat. Usually I leave the grilling to Mark, but I was determined to learn for myself.

I got the idea for this recipe by watching lots of bloggers share instapot recipes using chicken and salsa, so I decided to reinvent for myself and throw it on the grill!

This is an entire meal, and in my typical fashion I just threw a bunch of stuff together and hoped it game out delicious (it did!). But if you follow the gist of it, you can make this meal for 4 people and it will cost you around $20 (depending on organic vs. non-organic ingredients).

It is also gluten free AND dairy free!

Salsa Chicken


4 large chicken breasts

1 can Salsa

2 TBSP Olive Oil


Adoba (to taste – estimate 1 tsp)


Thaw chicken and marinade in all of the ingredients for 4-6 hours.

Grill! And baste with salsa/extra marinade as you cook.

Grilled Cabbage – trust me, it’s YUM


1 cabbag

1 TBSP Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


Wedge the cabbage (in 8ths). DO NOT cut off the stem. The stem will keep the cabbage together on the grill. If you cut off the stem, the outer layers of the leaves won’t hold together.

Drizzle and Baste in olive oil salt and pepper

Start grilling after you flip the chicken.

Corn and Bean Salad


2 corn cobbs OR half a bag of frozen corn

1 can of black beans

1/2 a pepper – diced

1/2 a tomato – diced

1 TBSP olive oil

Half a lime

Salt, Pepper, Adoba to taste


Boil and cook the corn (and cut it off the cobb if using corn on the cobb)

Drain the can of black beans

Combine beans and corn with the other vegetables

Cool in fridge and then dress with olive oil, lime juice and spices

Garnish with avocado and chips (corn and bean salad makes a delicious salsa!)

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