White Blouse – Styled 4 Ways

White Top Styled 4 Ways

How many ways can you style a white blouse? You are probably thinking “infinitely”, and I would have to agree with you. There is a reason I have to replace my white tanks, blouses, and tees every two seasons: they get worn a LOT!

I recommend finding a white blouse that has a little dimension. For example, the blouse I purchased from LOFT this month has pockets, and tortoise shell buttons. These small details don’t make the blouse any harder to match than if it were plain, but it does add some visual interest (and gives you a reason to buy another!)

Below are how you can wear a white blouse to fit into your own personal style:


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This style is gaining lots of traction on runways and magazine spreads.

Not quite sure how “Utilitarian” relates to style? Envision trench coats, long blazers, big breast pockets, high necklines, hardware, trousers, and loafers. With the 60s and 70s styles back in rotation and currently in style, I can’t help but describe this style as a high fashion take on a 60’s man going to work. It is like us ladies are barging, ready to crash through those glass ceilings and be a boss babe.

This could be a great look to wear to work this spring. While I tend to wear almost exclusively black bottoms during the fall, I love a khaki to tone down an outfit in the spring (because let’s face it, white bottoms are neutral, but they are LOUD!)

The wide-legged silhouette is trending, yet the color of these pants make them more understated. I styled this outfit with a natural fiber sandal, but trade them out for a leather mule and you have yourself a Utilitarian look!


I know that the meaning of “Retro” really depends on your age. I’m a 90’s kid, so retro may mean scrunchies, high waisted denim and cropped tops. I also think back to the 70’s, anyone else? Regardless of the generation, I think one thing retro always means is “loud”. Other common associations are bright colors and geometric prints.

A plain white blouse is a perfect opportunity to wear your funky bottoms. I broke out my citron green patterned shorts (that usually get paired with a grey or black tank top). When you have a piece that has multiple colors or a detailed print, let it be the start of the show! A white blouse won’t steal the spot/disco light.


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Denim and white is an all-American girl kind of look. This outfit is styled with long legged-jeans, but swap them out for denim cut-off shorts or a denim mini skirt and you have the same type of style, but for hotter temperatures or a better look for the beach, a carnival, or a cookout.

I paired this look with some natural fiber mules, but rubber flip flops or white sneakers give off even more of the classic, all-American look


I will always be a girly girl. Give me pink, give me sparkles, give me lace, give me ruffles, and give me florals.

This skirt is usually a fall wear for me. It’s a great skirt to wear with tights and boots, or paired with a black turtleneck or sweater. I usually keep it in my closet over the summer with the hopes I’ll remember to bring it out in summer and wear it with a light pink or WHITE!

I think dark ground florals are starting to pop up more and more. I thought it was just a fall trend, but just a few weeks ago I purchased a floral summer jumpsuit that also had a black ground. In addition to blacks, I’ve seen lots of dark green and purple grounds for florals. Regardless of the background color, you can really draw out the light, summer colors with this white blouse!

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