Floral Jumpsuit Styled 4 Ways

This jumpsuit has been on sale for a few weeks now, and every time I share it on my Instagram someone inevitably comments how pretty it is, and I have to agree. It truly is a beautifully made garment.

The material is soft and breathable (I wore it in 90 degree weather yesterday and was comfortable). The floral pattern is classic and feminine. The wide leg is modern, but adds to the comfort factor. The tie detail flatters the waist. And the neckline…this is the true show stopper in my opinion: the wide, subtle v-neck is especially flattering for all of us narrow shouldered girls. The ruffled sleeves are feminine, but add some dimension to our shoulders and balance them out with the our wider hips.

Is there any quality to this jumpsuit I haven’t complimented?

Though this jumpsuit is gorgeous on it’s own, here are 4 ways you can style it for summer:

For Dining Outdoors:

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Who says a floppy hat is just for the beach? Not me! I love wearing floppy hats when dining outside, which is probably how I’ll be eating at every restaurant this summer. I love the wide rim and how the straw hat ties into the material of the sandals. The natural-looking materials compliment the “nature” in the floral print.

For a Cookout:

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Since this outfit is so comfy, it can definitely be worn when hanging around the house or going to a casual outing, but the top half of this jumpsuit is definitely a little fancier that you may show up overdressed. You can solve that problem by tying a white tee over it and throwing on a pair of white sneakers! Oversized tees are ideal for this, and if you don’t have one, I bet the men in your life have plenty πŸ™‚

For Work:

I have been dressing up a lot of outfits with a white blazer, and though that would have worked for this outfit as well, I wanted something a bit brighter for summer! This red linen jacket is an awesome layering piece and brings out the red in the print. I paired it with my yellow sandals, though a black heel would look great (and maybe be more office appropriate), too!

For a Cooler Evening:

I try to keep my jean jacket handy when I’m away from home because you never know when you’ll have a breezy evening. Even if the weather doesn’t call for a chill, there are some locations that just trap moving air (the corner of my street and my college campus being some of them!). Particularly if you’re spending the evening by the coast, you’ll want this layering piece near by.

As you can see, this jumpsuit checks off all the boxes! Remaining sizes are limited, but if you’re lucky enough to see your size, I totally recommend snatching it up!

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