June Favorite Finds

We are halfway through 2020! I can’t believe it, but I am so grateful to be moving on. I was definitely not prepared for what happened this spring. I’ve been working from home since March, and had many stressful weeks where I wasn’t sure I’d be working at all. We all missed out on traditions – like Easter dinner, my sister’s senior prom and graduation, and many birthday celebrations with friends. There were some highlights that I will remember – my best friend getting engaged, Mark and I going camping, and my family Prom. But ultimately, I am ready for summer and to continue this new normal for the rest of the year.

One thing that has stayed consistent through the front half of this year is my love of high quality products that bring me new joy. This month I shopped the LOFT warehouse sale to get the BEST deal I’ve ever gotten from any mall brand retailer. TJ Maxx and Marshalls opened up in Massachusetts, and I was able to go on my first treasure hunt in months in which I found beautiful new drinkware for the new cocktails I’m learning to make at home. In my pursuit of self-care I found an affordable, quality face mask that makes me feel refreshed and hydrated. Lastly, I started a partnership with what is my favorite brand to date.

Here they are – my June Favorite Finds:

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Floral Jumpsuit:

I have posted this jumpsuit on my Instagram a few times, and the ladies who comment on it love it as much as I do! I wrote what I love about it when I styled it 4 ways, but I’ll give a little summary here:

  • The material is so breathable! Despite it being a pantsuit I was comfortable in 90 degree weather.
  • The details on the upper body ❤ If you have wider hips and a smaller chest like me, this jumpsuit is perfect for you! The wide neckline makes your shoulders appear more proportional to your hips and the ruffle detail is so feminine and sweet.
  • The dark ground with florals is trending now, but florals are such a classic print, this will never go out of style!

Peach Slices Sheet Mask:

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Before these, I wasn’t really into sheet mask. I preferred the clay masks or the type that make it impossible to move your face. I figured if I couldn’t move my face, the mask must be doing something, right? But when I saw this Peach Slices brand (a label within my FAVORITE skincare brand Peach and Lily), the loyal customer in me had to try them. And you know what? Peach and Lily never disappoints J

Unlike many generic sheet masks I’ve tried in the past, these masks stay in place on my face! Also, about 20 minutes in I can really start to feel that the essence and serums have been absorbed into my skin. I usually wear mine for 30 minutes vs. the 20 minute instructions, but that’s just because I like the excuse to watch some girly TV.

These sheet masks are $2.50 at Target and make my skin feel so refreshed. I loved them so much that I started a 7 day masking challenge where I will do one every day!

Rainbow Iridescent Wine Glasses:

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When Marshalls opened back up at the beginning of the month, these wine glasses were one of the first things I bought. I went on opening day, so I was actually able to find 2 boxes (and a matching pitcher!).

Rainbow iridescent can really be hit or miss. The miss usually comes when the technique is used on low quality plastic. These wine glasses are real glass and the quality is good, so these are a total hit! I cannot wait to host a dinner party later this summer and serve my friends and family these glasses. Until then, Mark and I will have to continue experimenting with cocktails on our own!

p.s. if you are taking forever to get on the stemless wineglass train like I was, it’s time to jump on! I feel like the chances of spilling are so much less! That being said, I bought shatter proof stemless wine glasses on that second trip to Marshalls so that I can drink outside worry free 🙂

Woven Headband:

I have been obsessed with the material of this headband All. Season. Long. Up until recently, I have really been investing in this style through my shoes. I have a whole section dedicated to this natural material in my summer shoe haul!

I’ve been wanting to incorporate it more into my wardrobe, but hadn’t found the perfect piece yet. I love the style of rattan bags, but their interiors are usually void of anything as practical as the built in wallet of my cross body, so I’ve refrained. I usually love a straw hat, but my beach vacation is planned for later this month.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I found this headband! This was the perfect accessory for me. I really only had one “Spring” headband before this, and it’s metallic pink…not exactly a wear with every outfit kind of accessory. This headband is SO versatile, I could wear it every day this summer! Not to mention it doesn’t hurt my head like some headbands do. And it is affordable! Only $10 J

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