Businesses to Check Out For Blackout 2020

July 7, 2020 is blackout day. A day where, if they put money into the economy, allies and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement solely shop from and support black owned business. This is a form of protest for more equality and justice, and if politics is what motivates you to support these businesses, that’s great!

In my opinion, this is a great movement beyond the politics of it. It is a great opportunity to research new brands that may bring as much joy to your life as a new dress from a local boutique, or may be of even higher quality than the mass produced products we buy from Walmart or Target. It is an opportunity to shop for something NEW, and if you’re as passionate about fashion, beauty, and home decor as I am, you should welcome this day!

I have spent this day researching brands to shop, not JUST because they’re owned by black women, but because they resonate with ME. It’s no good to buy a product if you don’t value it or don’t put it to use. Because the owner of these brands and I, despite our differences on the outside, have the same taste and style. And, very importantly, have the same budget.

McBride Sisters Collection – Wine

Sisters Robin and Andrea lived in wine regions on different continents, completely unaware of each other, for half their lives. Upon meeting, they discovered they had the same passion for wine and very similar upbringings. Today, they are the largest African-American owned wine company in the U.S. Today their wines encompass the regions they grew up in and their own personal style.  Try their bundles like “Smooth and Sexy”, “Balanced and Blessed”, and “Bright and Fresh”, and also check out their She Cans collection (yes, that’s wine in a can!)

The Lip Bar – Cosmetics

This cosmetic company was started in the kitchen of women from Wallstreet! Determined to shake up the beauty industry, they made unique lip products that are vegan, cruelty free, and inclusive. They appeared on Shark Tank, and I bet those sharks are kicking themselves for turning them down because they have since launched at Target and have opened their flagship store. Inclusive of all skin colors, their products have expanded beyond lip to the entire face!

Ellie May Clay – Clay Jewelry

I don’t wear much jewelry, and when I do I often stick to earrings. My go to is a big, gold, hoop, but if you follow along you know that I LOVE a good statement piece. Ellie May Clay is a new Etsy shop that opened this year. Owner Anaya fills her shop with unique, statement, clay earrings – and they are all under $20! Whether you’re into large sizes, bright colors, or fun prints, these earrings have something for you!

Cushnie – Clothing

favorite black owned clothing brand. Cushnie is a unique dress brand that makes fine dresses in bold colors, materials, and silhouettes. They also design unique wedding dresses. These dresses are incredibly modern and, in my opinion, the models look like pieces of art when wearing them. A few months ago, you may have only found these dresses at higher end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales or on Celebrities like Michelle Obama and Beyonce. But this year, Cushnie launched their first line at Target!

Jungalow – Home Décor

Are you secretly over the ALL white home décor trend? Me, too (to be honest, I’m not sure I was ever on it). Shopping Junaglow will brighten your day and transform your bedroom, bath, and home into a fun place that feels more like a boutique hotel than a crisp, clean home…and who doesn’t love to stay in boutique hotels? Beyond brightening up and decorating the lives of their customer, Jungalow believes in sustainability. For each purchase, they plant a tree and match all donations to Trees for the Future.

I know finding these brands was just the first step, to truly support them I need to shop them! So, for the rest of the year I will shop a brand each month and share and review their product. Can’t wait to see what gems I find!

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