7 Day Mask Challenge

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Alicia Yoon is the founder and CEO of Peach and Lily, and I follow everything she says like it’s the Bible. About three times a week, she hosts “Peach Skin Academy” lessons on her Instagram. These videos cover topics from aesthetician school.

I attended a Peach Skin Academy about how to reset your skin. It was perfect timing given the heightened exposure to the sun (loving the summer working from home!), change in weather (hello humidity), and being required to wear a mask (thanks pandemic). What she recommended? Masking. Or, as known by her followers, #1day1mask.

Doing a face mask every day was her recommended way to reset your skin, whether your skin is feeling extra dry, oily, inflamed, etc.

Up until a few months ago, face masking was something I did when I during a slumber party with girlfriends or a night with my sisters. When I discovered Peach and Lily’s Super Reboot mask, I started applying it at the beginning of each week and soon after added their Pore Proof Perfecting mask. A few weeks ago, I started adding a sheet mask once a week for relaxation. During a night in, I pour a glass of wine or scoop a bowl of ice-cream and watch an episode of the cheesiest TV with the sheet mask on. Doing this every night was something I had never imagined before. If I – a young, unmarried woman – thought getting to do this every night sounded refreshing, I can only imagine what you wives and mom’s think!

Alicia described her friend who had been doing a facemask every day for nine years. To summarize her words, her friend had seemed to reverse aging! If you think nine years is a long time, Alicia explained that many women in Korea actually include a face mask as part of their daily routine!

Alicia promotes masking every day for a month to reset your skin. Despite a month being significantly less than nine years, it still seemed like quite a commitment (and expensive!). Instead, I committed to masking every day for one week.

And here were my results:

Before: Right, After: Left

What I used:


I used all Peach and Lily products for my masks (obviously!). Unlike facemasks I’ve gotten from generic brands, these face masks stick to your face and then don’t budge. They are so pungent with essence, but rather than make a mess, the essence really absorbs into the skin. After about ten minutes of wearing it I can feel how saturated my skin is. The directions say to wear the masks for 20 minutes, but I extend it to a half hour. There is notably less product on the cotton sheet after this amount of time, another sign that my skin really drinks it up! I rub the excess essence into my skin, neck, chest and hands.

Most of the masks I used were the Peach Slices label, which is a brand within Peach and Lily. This label has TONS of facemasks. I used all sheet masks, but they some peel off as well.

You can find some of these masks at Target, but there is a much wider selection online. I used calm, hydrate, and clarify. These are the most affordable masks at $2.50

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Also from Peach Slices, I used the banana ice-cream sheet mask. Ingredients included banana extract, which helps revitalize skin, and hibiscus extract and aloe which both help hydrate. The ice-cream masks are found online only through the Peach and Lily website, as is the Popsicle line I have yet to try. These are $3.50.

I also used a few sheet masks from the Peach and Lily label. I used Reset button and Good Skin Day. These are a little pricier as I got a box of 3 for $15. They were great on my skin, and the sheet material felt a little more elevated than Peach Slices. If you want to splurge, I do recommend them, but I think the Peach Slices masks give just as good of results!


Ever since I discovered the Super Reboot from Peach and Lily, I’ve topped all physical exfoliators. With 10% AHA and BHA, this goopy mask is an exfoliant that is effective, but still gentle. It tingles (okay, slightly stings) for the first thirty seconds or so, but afterwards the sensation calms down. You won’t believe the feeling when you wash this mask off and how smooth your skin will feel.

I follow the Super Reboot with the Pore Perfecting mask, and let me tell you, it’s worth it. If you thought your skin was smooth after the Super Reboot, you have a whole new feeling coming to you after this. This makes your skin feel like porcelain.

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Envision the two working together like this: The Super Reboot suctions everything out of your pores, and then the Pore Perfecting mask goes in and scrubs them out. The combination practically gets rid of the texture on my forehead and even flattens out my hormonal break outs on my chin.

I have been doing these masks once a week long before this 7 day mask challenge, so kept them as part of my routine. The directions say to keep them on for 20 minutes, but like the sheet masks, I wear them for 30 minutes. Note that you want to build your way up with the Super Reboot.

My Results:

Let’s just look at this picture again, because I truly can’t believe the difference:

Aside from being tanner from my weekend on the lake, there is so much good that happened to my skin last week!

  • Across my whole face my tone is nice and even.
  • The bags beneath my eyes are smaller (I made sure to massage the sheet masks into my under eye).
  • That GLOW

If you’re still not sure you think it’s worth dedicating the time or money, just know that I have continued masking every day with my extras since my week “ended”. And you can bet I’m buying more this weekend! It is now something I look forward to every day, a little something extra for me. Because us women, we deserve it!

To see more beauty tips, follow @klosetbykrista on Instagram!

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