Men’s Khaki Shorts – Styled 4 Ways

A few weeks ago a friend suggested that I dip my toe into men’s style. I loved the support and always appreciate new ideas for my blog (so send them my way!) The only problem? Men’s fashion is way out of my comfort zone.

Styling men and styling women are incredibly different. For starters, we have different body shapes, and I haven’t learned nearly as much about how to dress men’s body shapes as I have women’s. The second difference is that there are completely different fits and silhouettes in men’s fashion. For example, the “slim” fit

Lastly, most men I know are usually more conservative in their personal style than me. Where I’m inclined to recommend colors and prints, most men like to stick to classic looks and the color blue. Especially my boyfriend Mark.

Mark is my polar opposite. He is a plumber and wears a uniform 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time he lives in sweatpants, is a hard core outfit repeater, and only gets dressed up when I tell him AND pick out his outfit (if I tell him, but don’t pick it out, he ends up in jeans and t-shirt if I’m lucky).

Despite my lack of knowledge of men’s style, I figured dressing Mark would be an easy start. There’s no where to go but up! The biggest challenge was his very limited wardrobe…I threw out lots of his clothes when we started dating and we haven’t fully replenished.

So to kick off my new journey of learning to style men, I bring to you: styling khaki shorts 4 ways:

Mark’s Way:

Click HERE to Shop this Outfit

Mark is a t-shirt guy. It doesn’t really matter if it’s too big, has a stain on it, or is purchased from a souvenir shop like this one – he’ll wear it. Pairing this t-shirt we got on Broadway in Nashville with khaki shorts keeps him comfortable visiting my family, or for a casual date.

A little tip for all you other ladies with the chronic t-shirt wearing boyfriends: buy them a nice pair of sneakers. They’ll have happy for a new pair of sneakers and not even realize it elevates their outfits!

My Way:

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I was a very proud stylist when, after he put this outfit on, Mark said, “I should pack this outfit for the Cape next week.” Yes, he should!

I mentioned before that when I started dating Mark I threw out lots of his clothes. Mark lost a weight the summer before he met me, and there were lots of clothes taking up space and untouched in his closet. To not completely put him in shock, I only threw out the clothes TWO SIZES two big. Yes, that means many of his clothes are still one size two big, like this shirt.

Is the man in your life someone who also prefers his clothes loose? If so, try the front tuck. I know this is a move most ladies have mastered, but I actually really liked it on him, too!

Meeting in the Middle:

A successful relationship involves compromise, and this outfit is a prime example.

I put Mark back into a t-shirt for this look. Even though the color and fit are a bit more flamboyant, the material is actually very soft and comfortable. Win for him and win for me!

We got these sneakers from Nordstrom last year, and they really emphasize how a nice pair of sneakers can elevate an outfit. Wouldn’t this outfit look much more dressed down if he paired it with his beat up running shoes?

But I know Best:

Click HERE to Shop This Look

You can see it in his face that he knows I’m right about how handsome he looks in this classic style πŸ™‚

Can you believe up until a few months ago Mark didn’t have a casual white button up? Neither could I. We love this one because it is a perfect “un-tucked” length. For you girls with the casual boyfriends, this option is great. No tuck means no fuss!

Since Mark is a plumber, he has strong forearms from working with his hands all day. Cuffing the sleeves is a perfect way to show them off!

Ultimately, I owe a HUGE thank you to Mark for being my model! He is the photographer for 99% of all my photos on this blog, and getting in front of the camera was out of his comfort zone. Despite that, when I shared this idea he said, “of course I’ll do it.” He didn’t complain once, landed the pose every time, and continues to support my work on this blog. Sorry ladies, I snagged the best one πŸ™‚

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