Black Wide Legged Jumpsuit – Styled 4 Ways

Disclaimer: there may be lots of exaggerated language, flamboyant adjectives, and biased opinions in this bog post. This is my favorite jumpsuit…EVER.

The material is one of the softest things I’ve put on my body all summer, which isn’t surprising since it’s from aerie. It is as flattering as it is comfy – the rouging hugs your chest and waist, and the flowy bottom starts right at your hips, hiding anything you don’t want the world to see!

One of the best things about this jumpsuit is that it looks like a dress ,but you can move in it like it’s pants. Plus, the reaction when people realize it’s actually pants is priceless! Seems like everyone loves it that much more as a jumpsuit vs. a dress.

I can’t wait to wear this jumpsuit to the beach next week. Here are the four ways I could style this jumpsuit when on my camping/beach vacation:

For the Beach:

All that’s missing from this beach look is the bathing suit (soon to come!). I love the way this over sized floppy hat compliments this jumpsuit. It balances out the wide, excess material on the bottom of the jumpsuit, and the stripes add some dimension to the outfit. Also, this wide hat will definitely keep my shoulders and face from getting burned!

Similar hats and shoes are available to shop through the link!

For the Campfire:

My campfire style looks an awful lot like my work from home style. At least I have two purposes for one outfit!

I love how this cropped sweatshirt looks over this jumpsuit. The cropped hem hits exactly at the bottom of my waist, so it effortlessly looks like I’m simply wearing cozy pants with a cozy sweatshirt.

I hope these sneakers give you inspo for how cute white sneakers would be with this jumpsuit, too! And for my campfire purpose, you’re supposed to keep it closed toe by the fire!

For Vacay Date Night:

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to imagine getting dressed up when I’ve been living in comfy clothes while working from home. If you’re feeling the same, this jump suit is for YOU!

This jumpsuit is a comfier version of a little black dress! It can so easily be dressed up. Layer it with a denim (or any) jacket and some fun accessories like this, and you have yourself an outfit for a nice restaurant. If you’re in the mood to get wild, try throwing on a pair of heels, too!

To Go Get Ice-Cream:

Click HERE to Shop This Look

Because what beach vacation isn’t complete without a trip to the ice-cream shop? Considering Mark and I eat a bowl of ice-cream every night even when we’re not on vacation, you know that I will have multiple trips to the ice-cream shop (he has already asked me -LAST WEEK- if I know how close the Sundae School is to our campsite).

This look is perfect for a casual date like ice-cream: slip into a pair of sandals and pull that beach hair back with a headband. No fuss!

Also, this jumpsuit is definitely made to hide your ice-cream belly ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t wait to show you all which way I choose to style this jumpsuit on vacation!

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