Life is Changing

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post – and it isn’t due to lack of content ideas. I read an awesome book about the fashion industry I wanted to review for you, I’ve re-vamped by work-from-home wardrobe, and I’ve cooked so many recipes using fresh vegetables from my garden! So why didn’t any of these ideas come to fruition to the keyboard?

Because Baby Yeaton is on the way!!

Life threw Mark and I a surprise party when we found out we were going to be parents this summer. We are absolutely thrilled with the news. I’ve been daydreaming about being a mom since I started babysitting when I was 12 years old. As long as I’ve been dating Mark, the site of a dad with his baby or toddler makes him smile and say he can’t wait to be a dad. The best part? As long as I’ve been dating Mark, the site of a dad with his baby or toddler has made me hope Mark is the dad to my kids 😉

As exciting as this news was, it has plagued me with two months of sporadic nausea and CONSTANT exhaustion. I needed to focus my energy on my health and my full time job. Unfortunately as much as I loved keeping my blog this spring, between napping and falling asleep at 7:30pm most nights, blogging wasn’t integral to my survival in my waking hours.

But I’ve rounded the corner into my second trimester and my energy is quickly following! And I can’t wait to share this new journey with you!

Here’s a snapshot of the integral parts of my waking hours that you missed:

  • Where to live? Mark and I don’t currently live together. Prior to Baby Y, we had agreed that we wouldn’t move in together until we were engaged. This life event definitely trumped that plan. The problem, and I realize it is a very fortunate problem to have, is that both Mark and I own our homes and didn’t have a strong desire to leave our homes.

Our final decision? We are going to rent out my condo and I am going to move into Mark’s house.

What’s to come? Lots of home décor as we make Mark’s bachelor pad our home

  • Self-Care: The first trimester, as I’m sure you’ve either heard or experienced yourself, is ROUGH. Luckily there was zero vomiting, but there was lots of nausea, lots of naps, a few hormonal breakdowns, lots of discomfort in my hips and belly, and quite a few sleepless nights (due to discomfort and a never ending need to pee).

What’s to come? My first trimester survival kit

  • Career Change put on Hold: Career what?? You read that correctly. There has been more than one thing I’ve been keeping private. For the past year I’ve been in school for a Master’s degree to completely change my career. I was supposed to finish my classes in December and make the move in January. The problem? The move was to an unpaid student teaching position. Considering I need health insurance and a paycheck to prepare for Baby Y, that career move will wait until the Fall 2021 semester. Looking on the bright side: hopefully school will be back to the classroom and I’ll have a normal student teaching experience!

What’s to come? Sharing more about what prompted this career change, what catapulted it forward, and where I see myself in 5 years

So for those of you who loyally followed along throughout the Spring, I apologize for leaving you hanging! For those of you who are new to @klosetbykrista, welcome! And to all of you reading along, I can’t wait to re-vamp my blog to open up the kloset of my life to more than just the clothing within 🙂

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