Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo

Thanksgiving is officially three weeks away! It’s about time for 2020 to bring us something to be cheerful about, like the holidays. I don’t think I’ve wrapped my mind around the fact that this is our last holiday season just as me and Mark, your average young couple. Next year we’ll have an 8 month old who is sitting up in his or her high chair trying my mom’s signature butternut squash soup for the first time.

The holidays are a close knit affair at my house. Growing up, we had a few rare Thanksgivings where we would get together with Aunts and Cousins, but mostly it was just my immediate family and my Abuelos. Since their passing, we’ve stuck to immediate family, sometimes losing a sibling to a significant other and sometimes gaining the significant other of another sibling. I’m fortunate that this means COVID won’t be affecting my holiday feast in any way, whereas I know some of you will be experiencing the holidays much differently this year.

Because Thanksgiving is a smaller affair for me, I don’t tend to get too dressed up. Mark’s mom hosts a Thanksgiving brunch every year, so I have put in a little extra effort since dating him, but I still stick to my trusted leggings and sweater.

That being said, this blog post will show you how you can look good for Thanksgiving while feeling good and comfortable! How can you enjoy a Thanksgiving feast if you’re uncomfortable? All of these outfits are what I would really wear on turkey day, and I promise that none of them have zippers, buttons, or any type of restricted waistline 😉

Leggings and Oversized Sweater:

I’m starting off with my signature look that never fails: leggings, and oversized sweater, and boots!

I love leggings any time of year, but especially for holidays. Elastic waistbands stretch as you eat, and there is no button, pocket, zipper, or extra detail to cause any type of discomfort throughout the day.

I tend to festively wear harvest colors for Thanksgiving: browns, oranges, etc. I love the rust color of and orange these Old Navy tunics, and they are the perfect length to wear with leggings!

Maxi Dress layered with a Sweater:

What’s better than an elastic waistband? NO waistband! This is a perfect option if you are celebrating the day with people outside of your immediate family who have slightly higher expectations of you since they haven’t seen you at your makeup-less and sweatpants wearing worse.

I live in New England, so a maxi dress is a must to avoid getting goosebumps. Shorter dresses would require tights which, in my book, is an extra level of dressiness. Besides, tights on Turkey day? That sounds almost as unappealing as jeans!

If you do live somewhere warmer, I recommend staying away from the body con/tight materials, even if they’re stretchy. I’d stick to flowy silhouettes that hide your post-meal belly. Holidays are not a time to feel self-conscious!


I think layering is a great in-between options. Something about having extra components to your outfit portrays that you put effort into looking and feeling good, but you can keep it casual and comfy none the less.

Another great part about layers? You can take them off. I’m personally not one to get the meat sweats, but if eating large quantities of food at once elevates your temperature, you may be happy to have a cardigan to remove versus being stuck in a thicker sweater.

Keep this layer removal in mind when choosing your bottom layer! You don’t want to remove your flowy cardigan to reveal a skin tight shirt pulling against your belly during dessert. You’ll see in the outfits below I stuck peplum and silky tanks.

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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo

  1. I love all the outfits, they look so cute and comfy! I especially liked the headbands in the layering section! ☘️🌼🌸🍁👍😄

    P. S. I started my own blog recently I hope you check it out 🙂.


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