Gifting for a New Mom Part One

My growing baby is the first grandchild on my side of the family, and it is unbelievable to think that next year the crowded living room of adults and pets on Christmas Day will also have a baby sitting in the middle of it. By then, he or she will be 9 months old and probably able to rip up some paper and show an interest in some gifts…or just the wrapping paper.

Being pregnant has made this an exciting Christmas to both give unique gifts and make my own list for Santa. I want to share all of my ideas for gifting moms (new, expecting, or just your average superhero mom). To make it manageable, I decided to split it up in to two: Part One: Gifts for a mom and Part Two: Gifts for a mom to give others.

Per the title of this blog post, I’m starting off with Part one: Gifts for a Mom

This gift-guide is a mix of my personal must-haves and what is actually on my Christmas list this year. Keep in mind some of these gifts are for any superhero mom, not just the new or expecting!

Wedge Pillow/Body Pillow- Round ligament pain can keep expecting moms up at night and achy the next morning. Sleeping with a pillow between my legs alleviates the discomfort! It is also recommended to alleviate sciatic pain and back pain, neither of which you need to be pregnant to have.

I have the Boppy wedge pillow from Target and absolutely love it. It’s small at first sight, but boy is it mighty. It is also super affordable!

Body pillows are popular amongst pregnant women. There are some special pregnancy body pillows that are shaped in a U to support both belly AND back!

Belly Band- Know a pregnant mom entering her third trimester? Or one who is experiencing lower back pain earlier on? My belly band to the rescue! I have this black band that targets lower back support. It looks like a complex contraption, but it really does the trick. Mark noticed an immediate change in my posture.

The other option is the same brand and will give any expecting mama that extra bit of support.

Heating Pad – For those days you may have been on your feet a little too long.

Click HERE to Shop these Gifts

Stretch Mark Oil/Butter- I’m a little addicted. Though it won’t actually prevent stretch marks, the extra hydration prevents itching and the literal feeling of your skin stretching. Trust me, I can tell the difference when I skip a morning (talk about itchy boobs). I use this very affordable, but very effective, Palmer’s skin oil.

I then layer it with a butter that Mark gifted me when we found out we were expecting. The brand is The Spoiled Mama and I linked it here as well. This brand is vegan, cruelty free, fragrance free, and full of that good-ness. It’s a pricier splurge if buying for yourself, which makes it a great gift!

Eye Masks- There’s no way to prepare yourself for the sleepless nights that come with the first few months (years? Rest of your life?) of motherhood. But we can do a little re-con in our skin care.

One thing I am asking for are under-eye masks so that I don’t look so sleepless during those very sleepless weeks. Look for those that have serums specifically targeted towards alleviating puffiness or tired eyes. Masks infused with gold are a good option.

The Pixi in this guide are highly recommended by one of my favorite beauty bloggers Cristin Cooper. She invests in a lot of prestige skincare, so if she is recommending these $25 drug store brand, you KNOW they’re good.

Facial Pads (w/ moisturizer, serums, etc)I bought the Peach and Lily Lazy Day Moisture pads at the end of my first trimester, though I wish I had them sooner. When exhaustion hits, doing a 5 step skin care routine is very unappealing. Do the pros really outweigh getting into that comfy bed?

These face pads make my skin feel as luxurious as when I go through my whole routine in about one tenth of the amount of time.

I’m well into my second trimester and still using them on days I feel especially tired. I anticipate they will be used even more frequently in my third trimester and after Baby arrives!

Seamless Underwear- I wouldn’t disagree with you if you thought gifting someone underwear was weird, but seamless underwear has brought so much joy to my life the past two weeks.

As my hips have widened, I’ve naturally started to grow out of my underwear. And let me ask…have YOU ever worn underwear that is too small? Worst. Feeling. Ever.

In addition to sizing up in underwear, I discovered that SEAMLESS underwear is where it is at. My favorite seamless underwear is the Auden brand linked here. They are only $5.00 each!

Nursing Bras/Tops- My pregnancy boobs came in immediately (it was the first sign that I was pregnant) If the expecting mom in your life is like me, she’s needed to get new bras early in her pregnancy and is going to need them again later on.

When sizing up, I’ve bought nursing bras so that I can wear them post baby. This is more budget friendly than buying two sets of new bras.

One thing on my list for Christmas is nursing tops. I’m such an oversized sweater fan, I have minimal button up/nursing friendly tops. Whether these tops are found in the maternity section or simply a collection of cardigans. Santa to the rescue!

Maternity Leggings- Women vary in the amount of maternity clothing they wear, even pregnancy to pregnancy. Personally, I’m a little over halfway there and, if it’s not a maternity waist band, I am very uncomfortable.

The leggings linked are my favorite pair that I have on repeat. I love the faux leather stripe down the side. This store has the most affordable leggings I’ve found. They’re not the thickest material, but they do the trick!

This list has something for every budget- under $20, under $30, and with the exception of The Spoiled Mama (depending on the product), ALL under $50. But we know it’s not the price tag that counts, it’s that all of these gifts will bring COMFORT to your loved one’s daily life.

To follow along my daily pregnancy journey, make sure you follow @klosetbykrista on Instagram. To shop these gifts, in addition to my other favorite finds, you can follow me on the FREE LiketoKnowit app!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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