Gift Guide: From a New Mom

Part two of my gift-guide is here! This gift-guide is still targeted toward new (or expecting, or everyday super-hero mom), but it’s about what those moms can give OTHERS. And I’m sharing from personal experience 🙂

While pregnant, Christmas shopping has been more enjoyable than years past. Rather than getting generic gifts for others like sweaters or pajamas, bakeware or kitchen appliances, I’ve been able to hone in on personalized gifts.

So are you still stumped on what to get your in-laws? Exhausted from all of your kid’s gifts for Grandma or Grandpa coming from you? This gift guide to your rescue! All of these gifts will feel especially personalized to every special someone in your little’s life without being specific to their knitting hobby or book club that (let’s be honest) you know nothing about.

This gift-guide is full of products I’ve actually purchased for the grandmother’s-to-be! Though almost all of them can be personalized for grandfathers, aunts, uncles, godparents, etc.

For Those Who Love to Brag

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Does your mother tell strangers about the genius thing your baby (who can’t even talk yet) did? Does your mother-in-law show every plumber who walks into the house the most recent school picture of your child? If so – these gifts are for you!

Sentimental Sign: “Grandma’s Brag Board” is my favorite saying to put on a sign. We got a sign for Mark’s mom with this saying, and another sign for my parents that says, “Grandkids Make Life Grand.” To make this gift extra personal, you can clip pictures of your children to the sign. First time mom? Do what I’m doing and clip some pictures from the ultra sounds!

Door Mats are just as kitchy, but you don’t have to put in the extra time to hunt down pictures of your children. Simply wrap some paper around it and wait for the smile when they open it!

For those who love knick-knacks

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Birthstone Jewelry: I got this idea from a co-worker who was gifted a ring with the birth stones of both her children for Mother’s Day. I got my mom a necklace and Mark’s mom a bracelet with aquamarine stones on them, the birth stone for March (my due date). While jewelry can be costly, these handmade pieces were affordable – under $40 – and I was satisfied with the quality.

Mug Giftset: Bring this traditionally emergency gift to the next level by personalizing it with the year your child was born, a complimentary sugar spoon, and/or the BEST hot chocolate around.

I’m not kidding about this hot chocolate. This is my go-to gift for in-laws and hostesses. The hot-chocolate is literally shaved chocolate that you melt into milk on the stove. It is incredibly rich and delectable, and totally worth the price. I linked a few gift-sets as well to add a little pizazz. If you don’t gift it to others, do yourself a favor and gift it to yourself!

For Your Babysitter

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Babysitting Survival Kit: This gift may be a roundabout way to stock up on some extra baby gear, but for good reason!

Both of our Mark’s and my parents are eager to babysit our little one. While I know always leaving the house with a diaper bag with extra outfits, blankets, diapers and socks is best practice during parenthood, Mark and I are not naïve enough to think we’ll always be on our game.

We bought decorative baskets and are stuffing with them with the basic necessities – white onesies and socks (0-3 months AND 3-6 months), burp cloths, and a blanket. I’m stuffing them all in decorative baskets for easy storage! I got my baskets at TJ Maxx, but linked some affordable options here.

Some other ideas along the same lines include a high chair and a pack and play. Both of these things we are stocking my mom’s house with. Though she would certainly buy these herself, giving them as a gift shows that you are just as excited as they are to bring your little one over for a visit.

And again, the less packing for me, the better!

If you’re a new/expecting/superhero mom, I hope you got some ideas from these gift guides! And if you’re not – thank you so much for reading along anyway:) xoxo

2 thoughts on “Gift Guide: From a New Mom

  1. Awh, I love these gifts ideas! So creative! I don’t have a new mom in my life quite yet (coming soon from my sister!), but I’ll bookmark this page for when the little guy arrives.


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