Our First Christmas Tradition

For me and Mark, this is our third holiday season together. We started dating in October, so our first season together sprung right on us. In fact, the first time we met each other’s families was on Thanksgiving! His mom hosts a Thanksgiving brunch rather than dinner, and I couldn’t stand the thought of him not having a Thanksgiving dinner, so after dating for less than two months I invited him to my parents’ house. I think some people thought that was a bold move, but we’re still here, so it doesn’t seem to matter anymore!

That year was also the first year I lived in my condo, so it was my first time decorating my own home for Christmas. I bought a small white Christmas tree and all of the pink and shiny Christmas decorations. Mark stayed over Thanksgiving night and that Friday was the first year I traded my Black Friday shopping for our first tradition: staying in pajamas all day, decorating while listening to Christmas carols, and watching Christmas movies.

Fast forward three Thanksgivings and now I’ve moved from my condo into Mark’s house. We have spent the past month collecting more traditional style Christmas decorations (my pink and shiny decorations have a home in my office 😉 ), stringing lights outside, and even got a head start on Christmas movies.

But our main tradition remained the same: we waited to decorate the inside of our house until the Friday after Thanksgiving.

After having Thanksgiving brunch leftovers for breakfast and cleaning the house, we spent three hours decorating and four hours watching Christmas movies – the new Christmas Chronicles 2 and Christmas Vacation. We listened to Carrie Underwood’s new Christmas album – My Gift, traditional carols, and a Country Christmas playlist. We ate a lot of left over desserts.

And the result is the coziest home we’ve had since being together. Cozier than my little condo lit only by Christmas lights strung across the wooden beam and Christmas tree; cozier than when we first updated Mark’s living room to have blankets, and pillows, and photos of loved ones; and cozier than when I first moved in and the only places to sit were right next to each other because stuff was overflowing.

I hope you enjoy our Christmas wonderland and have started the transformation of your own holiday home!

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xoxo Krista

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