The Fast Paced Story of my Second Trimester

My second trimester is coming to an end! I can’t believe that I am that much closer to having an actual miniature human in my arms every day, or how much has happened in the past thirteen weeks.

The second trimester is from Week 13-26. Traditionally, this is when a first time mom’s baby bump starts showing, when morning sickness subsides, and when pregnant women get their energy back!

In my experience, this was true. I started to notice my belly changing at week 9, but my belly definitely hardened into a “bump” at week 18. While I was fortunate to never have much sickness, by week 11 what sporadic nausea there was disappeared. In terms of energy – your girl has been walking, renovating, moving, cooking, blogging, and doing ALL the things.

But what did life look like during the past 13 weeks? Let me break it down for you:

Week 13: 127lbs (I gained 4lbs during the first trimester). I finally decided where we were going to live – yes, Mark told me it my decision to make. I was moving into Mark’s house!

Week 14: This was the week my back pain turned to sciatic pain, so I started pre-natal yoga! For gentle (but effective) stretches, I recommend the YouTube channel: Pregnancy and PostPartum TV.

Week 15: 129lbs 15 week appointment where I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! It sounded like the trot of a racehorse.

Week 16: The sciatic pain subsided which was a huge relief! Even more of a relief is that it hasn’t come back. Persisting back pain didn’t stop me, though. I started moving some items to Mark’s house.

Week 17: I bought a mom car! As tempting as a mini-van was (not!) I ended up coming home with an SUV. It was super convenient for moving, going on a family trip (COVID safe), and I know it will come in handy when I inevitably over pack for my miniature human.

Week 18: I secured a tenant for my condo! I started mentally preparing to move myself, not just my things, out of the home I worked so hard to buy myself.

Much more exciting, my brother got married! Hence the family trip down the Cape 🙂 2020 has been filled with lots of trials, unfortunate events, and negativity. But 2020 CANNOT stop love.

Three months after getting engaged, my brother and his girlfriend had a COVID safe intimate wedding. The wedding had 30 people (much lower than the 50 person state mandate). Every wedding guest tested negative for COVID the week of the wedding. We had a family weekend at a private village down the Cape and celebrated in a beautiful beach side venue.

Week 19: 133lbs The week of our anatomy scan! Despite rising COVID cases, Mark was able to join me for the ultra sound and to see the doctor. We got a 3D image of the baby’s face  and immediately fell in love.

Doctor also advised that I get a belly band that targets lower back support to help with back pain.

I started to feel tickles in my belly – the first feeling of baby moving!

Finally, we completed the move from my condo to Mark’s house

Week 20: Bellyband arrived just in time! Moving took a huge toll on my back and I was really struggling to stay comfortable. I started wearing the belly band and felt like a new woman! Daily walks resumed and house work got done. This was when I started thriving in my second trimester.

Tickles turned into the feeling of little bubbles in my belly.

Week 21: Finally finished updating the office to work from home in style.

Bubbles turned to real kicks!

Week 22: Mark, my mom, and my sisters felt the baby kick for the first time.

Week 23: 140lbs (yes that’s 7lbs in a month!) I saw baby in another ultrasound and had my 23 week appointment. I was told that baby is very low (which I could tell from the kicks and the way I was carrying) and that he or she is already head down! At this point I could tell I was feeling movement very low. We literally had to stick Mark’s hand in my pants every time he tried to feel it.

Week 24: Baby is growing and pubic symphysis came in HOT. One day, without warning, I was limping and unable to walk. It got better throughout the week, but it was not over.

Week 25: I baked with my sisters, chopped down a Christmas Tree in the snow and decorated the Christmas tree top to bottom. By Sunday night I was back on the couch, unable to walk. I called the doctor was given many tips to manage the pain.

Week 26: I ordered another belly band that targets pelvic support and it’s safe to say daily walks are not going to be a possibility until after baby is born. I tried to do yoga again, and the pressure in my pelvis increased, so we will have to see what I can manage.

Oh – and one more life event: Mark proposed 🙂 More to come on that!

I can feel the third trimester creeping in. My energy starting to drop – I took an afternoon nap yesterday, something I haven’t done since my first trimester, and am finding it easier to sleep in. I’m also starting to occasionally experience pregnancy insomnia, which they say is your body’s way of preparing you for the coming weeks of sleepless nights!

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