Valentine’s Date Night In

Flowers Mark got me for our first Valentine’s Day

I think there are two types of women in the world: those who love the glitz and glam of Valentine’s Day, and those who prefer to dim the lights at home and snuggle up in some cozy pajamas with some wine. I am the second type of woman, and I know it is us who will be thriving this COVID Valentine’s Day.

While some women still have plans to get dressed up and venture out for a socially distant night, many women will trade their high heels for slippers and try to make a night at home a little more special than the groundhog day we’ve been experiencing.

As an experienced Valentine’s Date Night at home kind of gal, I wanted to share a few ideas to make a night at home a little extra special. Some of these are from Valentine’s Days past and some are just Mark’s and my favorite ways to spend time together at home.

Set the Mood The best part about dimming the lights, lighting some candles, and playing music softly in the background at home rather than a restaurant is that you don’t have any waiter squeezing by your table or strangers talking too loudly. You also don’t have to worry about being rushed.

The most important part of setting the mood, which is also most difficult, is putting your phone away. It’s much easier to tuck a phone away in a purse or jacket slung on the back of the chair than to put it away at home. It is something that Mark and I don’t do every night, but for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions spent at home, I leave my phone in another room.

Bake a Favorite Treat Even people who “aren’t dessert people” have their favorite dessert that hits the spot. (For the record Mark is NOT one of those people. Dessert is our favorite meal).

Mark is a chocolate lover like I’ve never known before and his favorite dessert is brownies. In my years of home-baking, brownies has been one of the toughest recipes to master. I get the texture wrong, don’t bake them enough, or end up with scrambled eggs inside. But I finally found a recipe that produces amazing results.

My keys to success: Ghirardelli baking chocolate, only letting the chocolate and butter mixture cool for 7 minutes, whisk the sugar in REALLY good, and trade a cup of chocolate chips for a cup, plus some, of chopped Reese’s.

Order Favorite Takeout Mark and I are big pizza eaters, but when it comes to special occasions Chinese is our go-to. After all, why not splurge for the more expensive, less healthy option??

If you and your significant other usually eat in, this is a great way to support a local business during the pandemic. If you normally eat out, this is a good opportunity to try something new! And if you truly love that pizza place around the corner, it’s a perfect excuse to order it again 🙂

Play a Favorite Board Game I’ve learned that there are people who grew up in board-game families and people who did not. As a member of a board-game family, I have a few tips that help keep all players happy (because non-board game family adults are usually not competitive!)

1. Keep it classic – Checkers may seem like one of the less extravagant games, but it is filled with nostalgia 2. Keep it simple – so that your companion can get the hang of it after one full game and you can spend most of the night playing vs. learning. A fun, simple choice is Sequence. 3. Keep it timely – games that can be played in a timely manner are fun because they allow for re-matches or “best two out of three” competitions. Games with timers keep the pace. Scategories is a favorite of ours for two-out-of-three competition.

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Card: I am lucky that Mark goes along with all of my cheesy ideas. If your significant other is open to cheesy romance in the privacy of your own home, then this activity may be fun for you!

Last year on Valentine’s Day, I took a trip to the craft store and bought a handful of materials to make our own extravagant cards: poster board, stickers, foam letters, pipe cleaners, glitter, pom-poms, etc. Then we wrote our own personal note to each other.

Was it cheesy? Heck yes. Did we have anywhere practical to put our giant cards? Nope! But we kept them for almost a year! I was sad to throw them out (de-cluttering for baby!), but the memory of making them still makes me happy: we spread out on the living room floor, played some music, and slowly got messier and messier in glue and confetti.

Give Massages Buy some oil, turn down the lights, play some music or turn on a favorite movie, set a timer for twenty minutes…enough said 🙂

Already have plans for your own Valentine’s Day date night at home? Comment what you plan on doing below! Or let me know which of these ideas you’ll be trying yourself!

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