Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As this is my first Mother’s Day as a mom, I find it only makes sense to share some Mother’s Day Gift Guides!

I used my three biggest hobbies as inspiration for these gift guides: Cooking/Baking, Gardening, and Self-Care. Everything on the guide are items I personally want, personally have, or are shared favorites of both me and my mom.

I hope these inspire you to treat your mom to something special!

The Home Chef

Most people love either cooking OR baking – one requires following more rules than the other. I personally love both, and this gift guide has some of my favorites:

  1. 5qt Enamel Covered Dutch Oven – I like enamel covered Dutch ovens because they are affordable, dishwasher safe, and get the job done. They are also so versatile! You can stew soup, make tomato sauce, boil eggs, and even bake bread. I just got this Dutch oven for my birthday!
  2. Half Baked Harvest Cookbooks – If you love to cook and don’t follow Half Baked Harvest on Instagram, you need to now! Her recipes are wholesome, creative, and while they look quite fancy, they’re doable. I made two Thanksgiving appetizers and Thanksgiving dessert off her blog, and all were crowd favorites. I just got her cookbook and made three meals to freeze. Though they seemed intimidating, both were SO easy! Many of the ingredients are spices which give the dishes a rich flavor profile. Not convinced her recipes are amateur friendly? I included her “simple” cookbook as well!
  3. Sally’s Baking Addiction – this is the oldest cookbook in my collection (excluding hand me downs). I’ve had this book for six years and have almost cooked through the whole thing. This book has the best muffins! Mark loves a good cookie, so I got Sally’s Cookie Addiction for my birthday. I made the crispy edged chocolate chip cookies last night and they are mouth- watering.

The Home Gardener

Most of my gardening takes place outside. However, I live in New England, and Spring can sometimes get off to a late start. I usually start all of my seedling indoors, and this year am taking it a step further with my aero garden.

This AeroGarden not only lets you start seedlings indoors (currently I have cherry tomatoes sprouting), but it also lets you garden all year round. My future mother-in-law has grown lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, and even edible flowers in her Aero Garden. I personally am looking forward to starting an herb garden after transferring my cherry tomato plants to the garden bed outdoors.

In addition to the AeroGarden and seeds, this gift guide links the accessories. The spacers are used for plants that need to be spaced out – i.e you put tomato pods in every other hole, therefore need to seal up the open holes so that the water doesn’t evaporate or spray out when watering. The basic pod sets also allow gardeners to use their own seeds to start whatever plants they want indoors.

The Mom Who Misses the Spa

I didn’t go to the spa too often pre-covid, but you can bet I’ve created my own at-home spa during this pandemic. I’ve been interested in skincare for a few years now, but really invested in my routine while at home. The following items are some of my go-to products, old favorites me and my mom share, as well as what I’m excited to try.

  1. Peach and Lily – Peach and Lily is my number on skincare brand that is in my medicine cabinet. I love this Korean beauty brand. The products are gentle enough for all skin types and have truly transformed my skin. The Glass Skin serum is my ride or die product – the first product I tried from them, and the one I’ve re-bought upwards of 5 times. The Matcha Pudding is full of antioxidants. Both these products are anti-aging!
  2. Philosophy – My mom has been buying me and my sister philosophy since we were young teenagers. Amazing Grace is our favorite scent, and all four of us have a collection of perfume. For Christmas my mom also got me the big bottle of the emulsion lotion. You definitely don’t need to wear perfume when you use this!

3. Beekman 1802 – This is a brand I just discovered and can’t wait to collect! They use clean ingredients and their signature ingredient is goat milk. I personally have been using the bakuchiol oil and am loving it. Bakuchiol is a trendy ingredient though, so I linked up a few mom-friendly options, including their bar soap, body lotion, and signature moisturizer.

These gifts are all great options to spoil the first lady who loved you!


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