Mark’s First Father’s Day Gift Guide

This is a big Father’s Day for my family! Not only is it Mark’s first Father’s Day, but it is my Dad’s first Father’s Day as a Papa, and my brother’s first Father’s Day as an expecting dad. That means I have all the excuses to go shopping for gifts! If you need some inspiration for the father figures in your life, these gift guides encompass my personal shopping list. Enjoy!

Sunglasses – I used to buy an abundance of $10 pairs. I never had a “nice” pair of sunglasses until I met Mark. For our first Christmas he got me Michael Kors sunglasses, and this past Christmas he got me Costas. They are SO worth it. I haven’t bought a $10 pair since!

If the man in your life needs a good pair of sunglasses, the two brands Mark recommends are Maui Jims and Natives. He found a pair of Natives abandoned in a parking lot one day after a hike. Despite a clear haphazard fall from a car, the glasses weren’t scratched and have lasted Mark two years!

His favorite brand, however, is Maui Jims. The pair in the photo was his birthday present this year, though the link will bring you to a pair with red lens that he had before losing them in the Ocean. Maui Jims are designed in Hawaii. They are designed to make colors more vivid, clarify the world around you, and provide UV protection.

Clothes – Mark asked for clothes for first Father’s Day, so I had to include it in my gift guide! He wears a uniform for work, so any opportunity to leave the house on the weekend is an opportunity for him to dress up. He is also a creature of habit, so if he finds something he likes, he’ll wear it every weekend. Therefore, it is my job to make sure he has a wardrobe full of options so that my family doesn’t see him wearing the same thing all the time. Any other ladies with me?!

This year I shopped Old Navy and H&M, and my favorites are linked!

Mug/Coffee – Big time bloggers always promote the mugs with their babies’ faces on it. This year, I decided to take their lead and  gift my dad a “Grady’s Papa” mug for his first Father’s Day as a Papa.

Pro-tip when buying someone a mug: pay attention to the size! Some people are big mug people. Others, like my parents, get frustrated that they take up so much room in the cabinet. My parents are a fan of the classic café size mug, so I went with the 11oz.

Camping – With summer coming, camping gear is a great option! Mark loves to camp, and camping is a past time for my family. Last year, we all went camping together.

This guide includes Mark’s must-have items. As a less experienced camper, most of them were new to me when we started dating, but have since become some of my biggest necessities after all of our camping trips together. They would be great gifts for the man who likes to camp, but needs to step up his game to meet your standards of comfort 😉

              Inflatable solar light – lighter and more reliable than a flashlight.

              Rocking campfire chair – because it’s that much nicer than your old fold up

              Camping grill – because who wouldn’t vote for burgers or steak after a day of cold                         cuts?

I hope you find the perfect gift for the father figure in your life, and if this is your first extra special father’s day, enjoy!!

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