Our Summer Essentials

Summer is going to look a LOT different this year. We are going to need to balance enjoying the long warm days with family and friends with the needs of our baby boy. As a couple who has loved camping, traveling, hiking, and beaching, we needed a lot of new items to do those activities responsibly with Grady. As a new mom, I needed to update a few of my summer staples to feel more mom-appropriate. Here are some of our summer essentials!


Wee Farers – Babies don’t just have sensitive skin, they have sensitive eyes. These polarized sunglasses are a tiny investment, but worth it for your tiny human! They range in sizes from 0-1yrs, 2-3 yrs, etc. The amount of compliments Grady gets when people pass us on the walking trail is totally worth it. I mean, look at him – how can you resist?!

Rash Guards – speaking of sensitivity, we learned pretty early on that Grady’s skin was extremely sensitive to the sun/heat. He got his first heat rash as soon as the temperature rose to 80 degrees, and another heat rash when it was only in the 70s, but very humid. As much as I’d love to see his tiny belly spill over some miniature swim trunks, I know a body suit is the best way to keep him comfortable. We stuck with a shark theme this summer, and his rash guards and sun hats are pictured!

Sun Tent – While we are stocking up on items to keep him safe when exposed to the sun, we also have this tent to keep him out of the sun to begin with. Honestly, the tent is bigger than I expected and kind of a pain to store. We keep it set up in our garage and it takes up a lot of room. However, we use it every week, so it is an easy grab. We keep him under the tent while we do yard work or sit with family. We plan on taking it on all of our beach trips, too!

Mosquito Netting – This is such a low-cost item, it’s a no-brainer! Baby skin isn’t just sensitive to temperature and sun, but it is also sensitive to bug bites. Keep them out with this mosquito netting that fits over the car seat and stroller. We even wrapped it around one of his miniature bassinets! Mark bought three of them so that we can keep one at home, one in the diaper bag, and have an extra. While we haven’t taken it camping yet, we have been warned to beware of ashes from the campfire!

Stroller Fan – This is the $12.99 fan I got Grady for our walks. I clip it right to the handle of his car seat and can bend it to directly blow on him. We even used it inside before installing our A.C.

Summer clothes – I linked some of my favorite summer outfits for him!


Beach Tote – When I go to the beach, I throw everything I need into one bag – towel, sunscreen, book, hat, snacks. This $30 beach tote is great because it is a lightweight canvas with plenty of room to fit everything. What takes it to that extra mom-level? There are three big pockets on the outside, meaning I can keep our go-to items organized. A pocket for my book and sunglasses, a pocket for Grady’s diapers, glasses, and sunscreen (speak to your doctor before packing this item, and a pocket for Mark’s book, headphones, and sunglasses.

Nursing Swimsuits – This was probably the biggest change in my summer needs. I used to be a high-waisted bikini kind of girl. As a mom, I feel myself taking on a little more of a modest style. But I can’t just rock any one-piece. I needed bathing suits that would be nursing-friendly. To me, that meant a deep v neck that I could easily pull out of the way for feedings. These two suits are the ones I got – and they’re super affordable! Both are under $30.

Nursing Tanks – I’m a nursing mama who doesn’t own a lot of nursing clothes. In my opinion, it is easier for me to pull down a stretchy tank top, or lift a loose-fitting t-shirt, than to use nursing specific clothes. It is also much more cost-effective as I don’t need to re-invest in a whole new wardrobe. This summer I was on the hunt for loose fitting tank tops that I could mix and match with all of my shorts and skirts. A great mom hack: size up one in these tanks. Why? Grady’s head fits underneath so he can nurse while being covered. No nursing cover necessary! These tanks are $10 or less!

High Quality Sunglasses – If you read my Father’s Day gift-guide, you know that Mark has gifted me some high quality sunglasses. I have found that high quality over high fashion makes a difference. I have my current pair linked!

I know I am lucky to be able to be home with Grady this summer, and I can’t wait. So many of these items we have already started regularly using – and summer vacation hasn’t even started! I hope you and your babes love these items as much as we do!

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