June Favorite Finds

We are halfway through 2020! I can’t believe it, but I am so grateful to be moving on. I was definitely not prepared for what happened this spring. I’ve been working from home since March, and had many stressful weeks where I wasn’t sure I’d be working at all. We all missed out on traditionsContinue reading “June Favorite Finds”

May Favorite Finds

April 2020 will probably go down in retail history as the month of the sharpest sales in apparel. In response to COVID-19 shuttering American consumerism, fashion brands slashed their prices to move through their spring goods. And your girl went buck wild. May 2020, therefore, was little lighter of a spending month. I did aContinue reading “May Favorite Finds”

April’s Favorite Finds

What an odd April. April is typically my favorite month – the first signs of warmer weather, trees start to bloom, it’s my birthday, and when I was younger the Boston Marathon ran right by my house. This year was obviously a little different. Despite the pandemic (and the copious amount of rain the pastContinue reading “April’s Favorite Finds”

How I Landed 3 Brand Deals Consecutively After Taking The LadyBossBlogger Course

For a few weeks, I have been completing a course from LadyBossBlogger: How to Make Money as an Influencer. This course has covered EVERYTHING – getting to know your target audience, creating your personal brand, creating content, pitching brands, and managing the business side of influencing (money and legalities). As someone who is new toContinue reading “How I Landed 3 Brand Deals Consecutively After Taking The LadyBossBlogger Course”

Smiling Brilliantly

Collaboration with Smile Brilliant – giveaway and coupon code included! I’ve been drinking coffee since I’ve been old enough to drive myself through the Dunkin Donuts drive through. But I don’t discriminate, I’m a tea drinker, too. How much this has contributed to my teeth being more yellow than white, or how much my teethContinue reading “Smiling Brilliantly”

The Course Created By An Influencer For Influencers: LadyBossBlogger

I’ve been at this blogging thing for a few months, but I’ve been on my Instagram game for a little over a year. So far everything I’ve learned has been through Google search or good old trial and error. Overall, I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made, but it’s definitely been a slow process. ThisContinue reading “The Course Created By An Influencer For Influencers: LadyBossBlogger”

March Favorite Finds

March is a looong month. On top of that, working from home for two weeks gave me a looong time to test out some new products. Below are my favorite of the faves for what I’ve been using this past month: Clothing White Jeans: It’s white jean season here in Boston – that is, ifContinue reading “March Favorite Finds”

February’s Favorite Finds

These are products that I have been raving about to my co-workers. These are the products that have brought me joy. These are trendy AND high quality. I honestly say these are worth every penny. Swig Coffee Mug – I cringed when I ordered this. I buy most of my mugs from Christmas Tree Shop,Continue reading “February’s Favorite Finds”

Book Review: The Husband’s Secret

by Liane Moriarty I’ve looked forward to writing my first book review since I started this blog about a month ago, so I’m happy it’s a positive one! Last week I listned to The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, and it was truly a perfectly mixed cocktail of a story. My first sip was whenContinue reading “Book Review: The Husband’s Secret”

Take a Seat at my Table

Long before I moved out of my parents’ house I was an avid HGTV fan. Now that I’m a homeowner, I channel all of that inspiration and try to express it within the confines of my condo. So far I’ve found the best way to maximize my creativity in small square footage is to updateContinue reading “Take a Seat at my Table”