Welcome to my Kloset, where I keep everything I love

A year ago, Kloset by Krista started as a fashion blog. If you were reading this “About Me”, you would have read a narrative of my fashion resume and the moment when fashion evolved from an interest or a job into a true passion.

But this past year was filled with a LOT of life events, and as I grow up, fashion is becoming a slightly smaller section of my Kloset.

This year has brought me a pregnancy and an engagement! Learning how to be a mom and a wife is taking a liiittle more time than picking out my outfit every morning. Budgeting finances and time is becoming increasingly important, and I’m truly figuring it out as I go.

I decided to revamp Kloset by Krista because I want to share the true depths of my life kloset, whether I’ve organized it or if it’s gotten out of control. I want to interact with others, not simply give tutorials on mixing and matching patterns.

So if you’ve always wondered how one stays fashionable while life spins out of control, or if you’re more interested in the days of mismatched socks and staying in pajamas all day, I hope you find something here for you!

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