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I was a sales associate at LOFT when a woman walked in exasperated from shopping before she even began. She needed an outfit for an interview, but was so uncomfortable in her own skin that she discarded every item she picked up because she was convinced it would look horrible on her.

She had a “pear” body shape – one that many women think is difficult to dress. I offered to pick a few options for her. I chose boot cut charcoal trousers with a fine white and mauve plaid pattern and a mauve sweater with a longer hemline and a wide boat neckline.

The boot cut trouser created a line from her hips to the floor rather than emphasize how wide her hips were. The neckline created an illusion that her narrow shoulders were wider and proportionate to her hips. The length of the sweater seamlessly blended her narrow torso into her hips. Not to mention, the color complemented her skin tone.

She spent a minute looking in the three way mirror, and silently started crying. She told me that this was the first time in years she felt beautiful. That was the moment I decided I belonged in the fashion industry.

I spent my final year of college on the management team at that LOFT store. As I learned the business behind my love of shopping, I decided to pursue a career in corporate retail and took an online course to get certified in personal styling. Five years later I’m still in retail and running my own fashion based Instagram account and this blog!

I can’t wait to share with you my favorite styling tips and so much more!

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