Triadic Colors – “Live Colorfully”

I’m about to contradict popular opinion (and probably a third of the women in my office): I do NOT agree with having a wardrobe full of black. Is an all-black outfit chic? Definitely for some occasions. But for every day of your life? That’s when you cross the line from chic to insecurity. So let’sContinue reading “Triadic Colors – “Live Colorfully””

Style Tips for a Triangle Body Shape – T-shirt Midi Dress

I like to believe that any woman can wear anything – any color, pattern, or item, she just has to learn the way that makes it flattering on her. The video below shares a few tips on how to dress a t-shirt midi dress on a triangle (or pear shaped body). This isn’t the idealContinue reading “Style Tips for a Triangle Body Shape – T-shirt Midi Dress”